Business & Social Enterprise


Chilasa Venture Philanthropy Fund


Chilasa is focused on leveraging financial capital, capacity building, and strategic support to help grass roots social entrepreneurs multiply their programme impact by at least three-fold.

We engage both NGOs, micro, and small businesses with potential to transform locally focused activities into significant regional operations. Each partnership we establish is based upon a 3-5 year business plan with key milestone targets. Our priority areas are: education, healthcare, the food supply chain, livelihoods, small industries, clean energy, water and sanitation.


Logistimo :: Mobile Supply Chain Tools

for profit
We enable world-class supply chain management in the "first- and last-mile" using only the resources already at hand. In rapidly industrializing regions of Asia and Africa, over 70% of citizens live in rural towns and villages where coordination of off-grid commerce is problematic. Here, logistical performance is low, and operating costs are higher than necessary.

Stronger economy for everyone

A strong economy means fast and genuine rotation of money in the market which is the result of earning and expenditure of people. This theory is supported by the fact that expenditure of one person is the earning of the second. When any person will sell something then only other persons can buy it. Means if a person is selling something and if a person is buying something then in both cases a person has good financial background. When there are many people to buy from only one person then that person has greater sale means greater transaction thus greater profit through money rotation.

Bakery for Refugee and Immigrant Women

In collaboration with NICE, the Nashville International Center for Empowerment, my team and I are doing market research on the feasibility of starting a bakery to employ immigrant and refugee women to make breads and pastries using recipes from their home country. The bakery would provide income-generating opportunities and leadership and professional skill development for economically disempowered women, as well as allow them to share the flavors of their countries with the greater Nashville community.


The Parivartan Foundation


The Parivartan Foundation for Socio Economic Development is a youth led non-profit registered under the Indian Societies Act supported by programs such as the Goldman Sachs Global Leadership Program. In the last 3 years, we have

- Setup a computer vocational training center for youth and adults, training over 100 students in MS Office and Adobe Photoshop

- Delivered primary e-education in Science, English and Social Studies using internet and multimedia for primary school children in partnership with another non-profit

Food and Housing for all!


We feed the people through conversion of crops that hitherto waste to value added, long lasting packaged food.
We provide cost effective houses using red bricks there reducing cost by as much as 35 percent with commensurate increase in aesthetics, year round coolness and solid structure.
We train future entreprenuers and help them find their path using life intelligent quotient via practical skill acquisition training.


Building Community Power for Clean Energy

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

The mission of Groundswell is to unlock communities' shared economic power to grow sustainability and expand prosperity on the local level. Our strategy is to organize community organizations and citizens into collective purchasing groups. By bundling demand for products and services in clean energy sectors, we help to grow these markets, delivering deep value to business suppliers and creating opportunities for communities to leverage their buying power to achieve direct benefits.