Business & Social Enterprise

Full Circle Love

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Empowering local communities in production of products that can be sold in the global market with profits being reinvested back into local organizations through volunteerism and local charitable organizations.


Bucky Box : Tools for a better food system


Bucky Box is a software-focused social enterprise working towards a better food system. We're all about a food system that's better for our people and planet.

We're building web software to help Vege Box Schemes and CSAs become more efficient by automating many of their labour intensive operational chores.

We're also working on our mission via community engagement and supporting other organisations that are working to the same goal.


AWE/Another Way Enterprises(TM) - Social Responsible Advertising, Marketing & Production

AWE/Another Way Enterprises(TM) is a Value-Based, Social Responsible Advertising, Marketing, Production and Consultancy Service, focused on creating print ads, marketing concepts and productions that infuse value-based and socially responsible elements into the global-market.

"AWE, A Creative Portal - Think Tank For The Creation Of
Innovative Marketing, Production & Transformative Coaching Consultancy and Services