Boys' development


GirlsTalk/GuysTalk youth participate in various workshops and activities that teach about social awareness, health consciousness, healthy relationships, and positive self-esteem. We teach students they have choices & help cultivate well-rounded youth who make positive contributions to the world.

SurvivorHood Tanzania


SurvivorHood is a non-profit organization that uses performing arts and creative writing as a tool to engage, educate and empower young women and men for personal and social transformation preparing them to become leaders and changemakers so they can experience the world of limitless opportunities.

Our Nation's Sons


‘Our Nation’s Sons’ aims to spread a solution by persuading entire communities to address the very real problem of young male apathy and mental well-being. This street art project goes beyond mere debate and is a pioneering way of focusing Ireland’s urgent need for action.

Solas Project


This programme aims to reduce re-offending in Ireland by reaching,
gaining trust & loving every prisoner in Irl. away from criminality and
towards a new life. The programme fills a gap in provision of continuous, comprehensive, coherent and responsive support services for male prisoners age 17-23.

Transformational Power


Setting up a large scale coaching & mentoring program called - From Boys To Men; based in the UK, and dealing mainly with Ethnic Minorities. It will be totally focused at addressing the problem of dispossession and delinquency of character seen in Male Youths in our times.


for profit

Towi es una plataforma interactiva, colaborativa y personalizable que permite trabajar habilidades cognitivas de los niños a través de video juegos. Además permite a padres, maestros y/o especialistas comunicarse y dar un seguimiento detallado del progreso del entrenamiento cognitivo del niño.


for profit

Scientibox is a transmedia project which aims to help children develop a taste and curiosity for science in a fun way. The project is mainly centered on subscription to a monthly box; each box has a specific theme.

Code Club Brasil

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Somos parte de uma rede mundial de atividades extra-curriculares gratuitas, completamente gerenciada por voluntários, com o objetivo de ensinar programação de computadores às crianças, chamada de Code Club World. Nossa missão é ter um Code Club em cada escola brasileira.

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Project Happiness – Equipping Young People with Emotional Resilience, Self-Awareness, and Empathy

Project Happiness (PH) teaches students the skills to build emotional resilience, self-awareness, and empathy. Informed by neuroscience, positive psychology, and mindfulness, PH “teaches kids to be happy and strong from the inside” and helps adults strengthen social and emotional skills as well, said founder Randy Taran.

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This project is geared at the youths of Nigeria. Youths are the future of a nation, the hope of tomorrow. Many young people in Nigeria, either due to poverty or lack of infrastructural facilities get involved in cyber crime. This project-"CATCH THEM WHILE THEY ARE IN HIGH SCHOOL" has a 3 core area of focus which are youth development, education and youth leadership.The purpose of the project is1.  to teach youth espescially high school students the benefits of the internet and the disadvantages of cyber crime.2.


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Desafío Sigma


Desafío Sigma hace las matemáticas entretenidas en el aula!!
Los alumnos aprenden más, los atractivos y coloridos materiales invitan a ejercitar jugando. Las neurociencias sustentan Sigma: desafío, novedad, emocionalidad positiva, trabajo con pares, uso de los sentidos, cercanía al niño.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Matinée trabaja con niños y niñas de 6 a 14 años de edad en situación de riesgo en diferentes lugares de la ciudad de Medellín por medio de talleres lúdico-artístico-visuales, aplicando metodologías de colaboración creativa y de la no violencia.

Crayons of Hope


Children growing up in slums & villages are deprived of opportunities that enable reflective thinking & expression. Using just a postcard and a box of crayons, Crayons of Hope is connecting India’s vulnerable children to each other – two at a time - creating a powerful & playful new way of learning.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

ProjectKHEL (Kids Holistic Education and Life-Skills) uses sports as a platform to engage with adolescents and youth from disadvantaged backgrounds. Once engaged, we impart Life Skills Education using activity based and experiential learning methods.

Ludoteca Móvil

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Las tardes de ludoteca móvil buscan desarrollar una herramienta pedagógica de educación no formal que promueva el desarrollo de habilidades sociales y cognitivas mediante el juego libre, las actividades culturales y de fomento a la lectura todas estas actividades son creadas por jóvenes voluntarios.


for profit

Desenvolvimento de método, material e treinamento de multiplicadores (escola e comunidade) do ensino de habilidades não cognitivas. Favorecer o manejo de sentimentos, autoconfiança, empatia, desenvolvimento de resiliência e habilidades de enfrentamento e de resolução de problemas na infância.

My Brother's Keeper TX

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

My Brother's Keeper TX is a Career/College Fair in alignment with President Obama's My Brother's Keeper Initiative that targets boys & young men of color in North, North East, and East TX and Southern Oklahoma providing them with practical career & academic advice from positive male role models.

Doctors Nova Scotia


Kids' Run Club is a free, school-based, non-competitive running program created in 2004 by Doctors Nova Scotia to provide children and youth an opportunity to be active through running and learn about the importance healthy living. Resources include site visits; handbooks; and finishers' prizes.

Por mas Sonrisas Puentes

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Circo Social como herramienta para la transformación social y como educación alternativa, favoreciendo el desarrollo de niñ@s que se encuentran en situación de vulnerabilidad, creando un espacio a donde puedan compartir, expresarse, ser oídos y se respete su derecho a ser NIÑ@S.

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Ashoka Changemakers and Packard Foundation Launch an Online Competition

Building Vibrant Communities: Activating Empathy to Create Change

New online competition will award $500,000 in prizes to initiatives that activate empathy in order to strengthen communities in five California counties

"Empathy-based ethics are the essential foundation for 21st century changemaking," says Bill Drayton, the CEO and founder of Ashoka. "If we had to name a single, overarching success factor among our global network of social entrepreneurs, it would be the ability to put empathy into action."

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HEJNY Method

The different approach to math didactics is based on 12 key principles concept, which leads children to explore math by themselves with joy and satisfaction. The method results from over 40 years of experiments. The children learn how to think, argue, analyze and more, how to reach an agreement.