Child protection

Riverside School

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Riverside School creates nurturing learning environments where children explore, innovate, and learn to be changemakers. By building strong relationships with the community, they become active citizens, instilled with social responsibility, interest in civic life, and understanding of activism.

Dream A Dream

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Dream A Dream's mission is "to nurture the uniqueness of young people from vulnerable backgrounds and foster their passion for
learning, so that they are able to creatively respond to the frantic pace of change in the world."


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Enseñarle a los ciudadanos de sus derechos fundamentales y constitucionales, a través de juegos, vídeos interactivos y talleres didácticos. Si todos conocen sus derechos habrá un acceso a la justicia simbólico y físico.


Suparna Gupta is plugging the gaps that exist in India's juvenile justice system. By designing processes that make the provisions of the landmark Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection) Act 2000, actionable, Suparna is creating an entire, uninterrupted continuum of care for children who are detained under the Act, from Prevention to Probation and finally integration with society.


Amlan Ganguly is helping children in slum areas of West Bengal to lead their communities in improving health, sanitation, and hygiene. The children call themselves "area health minders."  

Nalanda Way Foundation

By creating a large resource base of new 'role models' or mentors for underprivileged children, Sriram Ayer is introducing the component of empathy in the existing education system and bridging the gap between a child's perceived intelligence quotient and hidden emotional quotient. He is thus ushering in a systemic change in the way education is perceived and delivered to low-income groups and adding a new dimension to the way their dormant skills and abilities can be nurtured to ensure a future at par with the rest.