Early childhood development

Narrativas Colectivas

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

El programa de Narrativas Colectivas es un proyecto de resignificación del municipio
de Buenaventura y empoderamiento de los NNJA (niños, niñas, jóvenes y adolescentes) en riesgo de
reclutamiento a través de la creación de narrativas colectivas que promuevan escenarios de reconciliación

Vai-e-Vem Brasil

VAI-E-VEM é uma iniciativa de fomento a escuta das vozes das infâncias como meio para transformar a educação. Acreditamos que o poder transformador das crianças é potencializado quando livres para serem protagonistas na co-construção do conhecimento e na sua jornada de aprendizagem.

Children's Wellbeing

Ashoka and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation have partnered to catalyze a movement through a network of leaders who are driving a new vision for the field of children’s wellbeing in the United States. We believe that kids thrive when they grow up with a strong sense of self, purpose, and belonging, and that these ‘building blocks’ of wellbeing help children form healthy relationships, show resilience in the face of trauma, and make thoughtful choices.

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Finalist Spotlight: Fight the Stroke

Fight the Stroke work to improve the detection and rehabilitation of infant stroke survivors. Based in Italy, Fight the Stroke was founded by the parents of a young stroke survivor, who discovered that mirror neuron rehabilitation could help their son regain his mobility. In the build up towards the Making More Health Summit, Fight the Stroke are teaming up with Boehringer Ingelheim employees to work out how to reach patients globally

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Call for Changemaker Schools

Transforming Education: Ashoka, Start Empathy, and Changemaker Schools

Ashoka is the biggest and oldest global network of social entrepreneurs. Over the past 30 years Ashoka has identified and supported 3,000 entrepreneurs who are applying creative solutions to the world’s biggest social, environmental and economic challenges.