Papilio is a program for kindergartens for the early prevention of the development of addiction and violence problems. It promotes social emotional competencies and reduces first instances of disturbed behavior. It protects children against the development of addiction and violence problems.

Dream A Dream

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Dream A Dream's mission is "to nurture the uniqueness of young people from vulnerable backgrounds and foster their passion for
learning, so that they are able to creatively respond to the frantic pace of change in the world."

Las Mujeres en el Deporte: El Juego Continúa


El equipo de Changemakers & Nike continúan cambiando el juego para las mujeres en el deporte. El Desafío Gamechangers creó una comunidad global de actores comprometidos en ampliar la participación de las mujeres en el deporte con cientos de propuestas innovadoras. Ahora queremos continuar estimulando el debate entre sus participantes de América Latina.

Adopte un árbol

for profit

Adopt a tree is an environmental game that aims to make people of all ages truly engage with the recovery of the planet and adopt trees with the sole purpose of saving rivers that are dying in different regions of Latin-America and this way ensures the availability of water for thousands of people.

Education for Sharing

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Education for Sharing is an innovative methodology that forms better citizens from childhood using the power play and civic values. We actively learn about the SDGs through games sports, science, arts, and project management to trigger changemaker attitudes in children ages 6 to 15.

Dream Networks-Love Plays

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Cross cultural collaboration between businesses, communities & educational institutions to implement creative play areas that are designed & built by children and youth across a global interactive hub. Specialists provide practical assistance to empower the young to implement sustainable solutions.


for profit

Qiui is a game board device that captivates the attention and stimulates the imagination, through brainy challenge games. It progressively learns from the user to challenge him and help him to improve his skills.