At risk youth



Papilio is a program for kindergartens for the early prevention of the development of addiction and violence problems. It promotes social emotional competencies and reduces first instances of disturbed behavior. It protects children against the development of addiction and violence problems.


GirlsTalk/GuysTalk youth participate in various workshops and activities that teach about social awareness, health consciousness, healthy relationships, and positive self-esteem. We teach students they have choices & help cultivate well-rounded youth who make positive contributions to the world.

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Skill Scout Inc.

Skill Scout is an innovative hiring and recruitment start up that brings people back into the hiring process. We forgo technological scale for human scale. Rather than online job postings and stacks of resumes, we engage companies and candidates through video and in-person hands on interviews.


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Inspiring, Empowering, Engaging Global Citizens

The JUMP! Foundation is a non-profit social enterprise that uses experiential education to advance a world in which individuals, community leaders, and global citizens realize their passions and potential.The JUMP! Foundation is an experiential education provider that was established in 2006 in response to what its founding members saw as a need in youth education for programs that address issues of leadership and global citizenship.


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Girl Circus


Girl Circus day camps improve body consciousness, body positivity and self confidence in girls through vigorously active circus activity camps. With professional teachers girls learn hooping, juggling balancing, tumbling, partners macro, singing, dancing,

Express Yourself

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

drug and gang affiliation has become a real issue for young boys in my community. however these young boys have a real passion in music and expressing themselves which tends to be ignored. i aim to change that, i want to give them that chance to express themselves through music.