Youth development

Hoops for Hope: Peace Breaks Out on the Basketball Court in Kashmir

Upon arriving in Srinagar, Kashmir in 2007, J.D. Walsh was keenly aware of two things: how much he -- a tall white man -- stood out, and the tense geopolitical circumstances that necessitated heavy security measures. Kashmir has been wracked by hatred and mayhem for years, caught in a bloody dispute between India and Pakistan. Quite improbably, Walsh felt right at home and was immediately convinced of two things: that this "was a time for peace" and that it could be achieved through a game unknown to the Kashmiris: basketball.


Gamechangers: Change the Game for Women in Sport


WHETHER it be pushing for the inclusion of long distance women’s running events in the Olympics or advancing the power of sport and the transformational role it plays in the lives of girls and women through its Let me Play campaign - Nike has long been an advocate for empowerment and change in the world of women in sport.

JOIN US in identifying, inspiring and bringing together the next wave of innovators eager to change the game for girls and women in sport.

That Was Easy


Showcasing Youth Venturers who are using their skills and passions to create a positive impact in society. Inviting YOU to vote and comment on their work to advance the best strategies in youth social entrepreneurship, and spread the word about this youth-led social change movement that is transforming the world.