Partnering for Excellence: Innovations in Science + Technology + Engineering + Math (STEM) Education

Winners Announced!

Carnegie Corporation of New York, Opportunity Equation, and Ashoka Changemakers launched the Partnering for Excellence collaborative competition to find innovative approaches to inspiring STEM-rich learning in our classrooms by connecting students with STEM professionals.


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The Changemakers global community, our expert panel of judges, and the competition sponsors have the eight winners
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In addition to the 10 finalists, we are also thrilled to announce the finalists for the six special-focus prizes** sponsored by ExxonMobil Foundation, Jhumki Basu Foundation, The Mind Trust, Amgen, and Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Learn more about their innovations to bring STEM talent into schools by viewing their entries listed below: **Special Focus Prize Sponsors are responsible for selecting their own winner(s). Naming of finalists does not guarantee that a winner will be selected.
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SEALS platform'

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

SEALS platform is a social network where any individual with leadership potential will help youth with their personal project management. The platform offers equal opportunities to youth to connect with with each other.The SEALS platform experience facilitates the match between mentors and mentees.

Joy Ajuzie's New Entry

for profit

With the rapid growth in the digital space, a group of individuals have been spotted. They are called the MILLENNIALS. This untapped savvy and educated group, aspire to live with happiness and purpose. They focus on community and connections and thrive by becoming a part of a movement.

Link Your Purpose (LYP)


Link Your Purpose (LYP) is an innovative social enterprise. It is the first of its kind, using cutting-edge technology and new testing methods that are fun and accessible to help young people in Jamaica to identify and fulfil their career goals. LYP hopes to revolutionize career services in schools.

UGD Foundation

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

UGD has created interactive career coaching and mentoring workshops for graduates and early career women from the MENA who live in the UK. The project will result in the in tangible solutions, social media videos and academic research to showcase a positive message for women in the labour market.

Software Club

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

The Software Club is a foundation aiming to help high school students at education of software developing and discover their talents. With the club's help the students can also market their products.



WomEng invests and develops girls and women in the engineering industry to shift the gender parity of the sector. It creates inclusive environments and provides girls and women with the key skills to thrive in the engineering industry.

Farm this City


If we are all part of the problem then we all need to be farmers of the solution. Our vision is “Everyone a Farmer” with FtC cultivating the links, networks, sharing, and collaboration between those already “farming” social, economic, and environmental solutions to the city’s problems.