-80% of Nigerian graduates are unemployed.
-This is closely related to poor quality education and lack of skills. is provides a platform that bridges the gap between the unemployed and companies.
-Through volunteerism, internship, mentorship and training.

Tisser : Just Hands

for profit

"Tisser" is a French word meaning 'to weave'. Tisser aims to weave a rural livelihood network to support sustainable economic development of weavers from the poverty stricken sections of society. Tisser is synonymous with indigenous,fair-traded, eco-friendly fabrics and apparels.

Georgia Shiels Rallying

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

I have set out to prove that women can not only compete with men in sports, but can win. Men and women may be different physically and mentally but on my journey to becoming the first ever female World Rally Champion I aim to empower women all around the world that we can and will be equal to men.

Bamsay Farms

for profit

Mushrooms are highly nutritive, low-calories food with good quality protein, vitamins and minerals. However, they have a low shelf life if not processed properly. We produce edible mushrooms using agricultural wastes and we add value to harvested mushrooms by dehydration, to enhance shelf life.

Gary Grieve's New Entry

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Fill My Value Backpack (FMVB) uses sport as an innovative and social tool to develop the potential of young people. FMVB projects ensure key focus on Community development & sustainability, Personal & Social development and Cultural awareness by engaging organisations from various sectors globally.

Mordi Ibe Foundation (MiF)

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

MiF Attacks Poverty Seek to provide a substitute way for a better living for families living below the poverty line and in turn eradicate the monster called hunger, child labor and other socio-economic issues alike; as well as improve water/sanitation and access to health care.