nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

WASARE means sharing in wolof.
We encourage, mentor, challenge and mobilize young people to have a better vision and be a driving force in creating positive changes in their communities.
Learn from others! Share your knowledge and expertise! Inspire others to give back to their communities!

Mobile School


Mobile School is an unorthodox/ unconventional way of extending education to those who cant access education. Our mission is to reach the unreached,school the unschooled and teach the untaught. Its carried via our core value: I-E.Q.U.I.P,


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

HandReach works to provide world-class medical care and rehabilitation for children injured by trauma in the developing world. We seek to expand impact through telemedicine and systematic clinical exchange so that more children can gain access to much-needed care and return to productive lives.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

MentorConnect is a non-profit online mentoring organisation which offers mentoring to young adults.

The focus is on first time job seekers, aspiring entrepreneurs and other young adults in critical transition phases of their lives where they are faced with career defining choices


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Underdevelopment arises when society gives too much and receives too little or nothing at all from its inhabitants. Civic accountability should be cultivated and promoted society-wide to allow society gain much more to provide to current as well as coming generations.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Youther is an NGO that will link viewers to funded opportunities in and outside of Tunisia ( i.e.trainings , conferences,internships ..) through its well-designed, using new technologies website. and will provide NGO members with the preparation needed for them to get accepted in these opportunities