Road Constructions

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Easy process which does not costs much but can be used to lay very durable plastic roads.
Few Advantages of plastic roads are:
Strength of the road increased (Increased Marshall Stability Value)
Better resistance to water and water stagnation
Increased binding and better bonding of the mix

Smart Skull

for profit

Imagine you were on a motorbike and met with an accident. There is no help available. But still after some time you find yourself being treated in a hospital. Lucky One! But not Every time. Better wear Smart Skull, a helmet that provide location based Accident Alerts to relatives and hospitals.

Smart Tracking Driving License

for profit

STDL will involve a smart driving license which with the help of a hardware installed which will help the motor vehicle to identify the driver information and simultaneously, will be able to connect with the central server room (which will monitor the vehicles and the driver’s movement in the area )

Action for Impact

Despite the rising number of cars in metro cities today, the infrastructure development and law enforcement action is yet to reach the level required. Action for Impact proposes to garner the support of private players to help solve the problems faced by regulatory authorities.

Driving school reforms

Driving schools in India are an unregulated lot. All they do is train people in operating a vehicle more than teaching them how to drive.

Any initiative aimed at ensuring safe roads should start with the Driving Schools.

A uniform standardized curriculum for driving schools solves the problem