A humpfree ride

Speed breakers have become a liability of late. Should structures intended to protect people also kill them??

Why not standardize our speed breakers on scientific grounds?

Why do we need speed breakers anyway?? Why cant we have "Stop" or "yield" road signs regulate traffic movement and speed?

Bus Boss


The project aims towards sensitizing Members of Parliament (MP's) towards sustainable transportation thereby creating a buy-in towards implementing public transport systems in large cities of districts within their constituencies, cities with population <1million and >0.5 million are recipients.

Young Riders4Helmets Campaign

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Young Riders4Helmets Campaign, a community based helmet wearing campaign with an objective to undertake extensive awareness programme for changing in behaviour among the youngsters and to encourage them to wear helmets not for escaping penal action but to save themselves from fatal road accident.

City Alert

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

City Alert is a crowd sourced grass roots movement to raise awareness about and combat road safety issues using digital technology, helping public to contribute. We intend to work in tandem with law enforcement to overcome the issue of safety with tactical support from the public bridging the gap.

Post RTA trauma care

How efficient are our post-RTA/trauma care services?? Innumerable deaths occur on Indian roads partly because we have no mechanism whereby the injured are ensured speedy and quality health care services. My solution aims towards immediate measures to improve trauma care services in India

Barrier for mistakes

Traffic rules are meant to be broken. This is what is happening now a days with our people on road. The best example for this is Red light jumping which is endangering lives of pedestrians and vehicle drivers. Bangalore is a growing metropolitan city & there is a need to take action to avoid this.