Climate change

Plug'n Drive


Plug'n Drive is a nonprofit organization that is working to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) through a public awareness and education campaign. Gas cars are a leading source of air pollution and EVs can greatly reduce carbon dioxide emissions and air pollution.


for profit

FarmDrive is a startup based in Kenya that supports smallholder farming enterprises by continuously innovating solutions that enhance the access to sustainable financial services to smallholder farmers.

African Youth Union

The African Youth Union (AYU) is a Pan-African youth organization that boasts the largest youth representation in Africa. AYU seeks to bridge the gap between the youth and government, and acts as a conduit between the youth and regional bodies such as the African Union.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

We offer basic start up business training; 3-year mentorship and free consultation to youths enabling them create businesses. We help them raise startup capital; they set up tree nurseries, we sell the trees to companies to reduce their carbon footprint. The youth use the income to start a business.

Project Alianza

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Project Alianza builds a sustainable, community-based alliance to radically improve the quality of life of marginalized coffee farming families by providing field-based agricultural education, necessary tools and resources to access lucrative markets, and educational opportunities for children.