Energy conservation



Sanivation plans to reach 100,000 people in the next 3 years using a sustainable model which treats waste as a resource and users as customers. Sanitation provides a toilet service and charcoal alternative burning fuel at a rate households can afford due to a simple no mysteries closed loop system.

Fuel of the Future

for profit

In order to reduce the harmful effects of fuel on the environment, we provide companies and individuals with a smart heating solution - fuel briquettes produced from lumber waste. Not only it can help save the environment but it is also convenient, easy and economical.

Ecotech Farm


To create a system to enable farmers to convert their farms from fossil fuels energy to solar energy.
To help farmers do their part in cleaning the environment.
To help people get awareness of the benefits of Solar energy as its the future.


Vivergy is a web tool for visualizing your impact on local health due to energy consumption. It is a definitive re-imagination of energy use as an issue of current, local health, not climate change. Through a series of proprietary algorithms, Vivergy allows users to calculate and control their impact through custom analytics. Through its affiliate marketing revenue stream, the company plans to generate an average of $35 per user per year. Within year one, it plans to sign up 20,000 users in 11 key metropolitan areas in the United States. 



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El Tayaar


what if Egypt has less carbon emissions, a more productive society and an the Egyptian street treats both men and women with respect equally? all achieved through one single project ... a simple and smart solution that hammers on different society problems