Energy conservation


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Improper Sorting of various plastic materials results into an ineffective recycling process. Moreover,the process is so difficult that it is preferred to put these plastic materials in landfills.
In order to avoid it, we have designed a machined comprising of sensors to segregate plastic at source.

Wind Energy For Future(WE4)

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Wind Energy for Future(WE4F)is a project which aim is to provide Nshili villagers with Wind power(Electricity) for lighting purpose and Modern Stove for cooking. This Wind Power(Electricity) will be obtained through a rigorous process ”. We will installing wind turbines and generate wind power

Diversified Farming

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Diversified farming is an integrated approach for sustainable development. It is the combination of different enterprises like farming, livestock (animal rearing), poultary, aquaculture, apiculture and floriculture. Diversified farming has the potential to contribute for the sustainabilty.

Shapeless Gift

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Shapeless Gift is the idea of giving experiences instead of material goods. The goal is to reduce waste and energy use by not buying physical items, providing experiences as gifts. It is a movement to shift the social norm of gift-giving and to foster human relations.


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Pyrolysium is a web platform for the promotion and development of pyrolysis as an efficient way to dispose of human remains using the least amount of energy possible. Pyrolysium is a low-tech, viable alternative to current standard burial and cremation practices.


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Wheyducation's focus is to teach youth throughout the world about whey's importance agriculturally and environmentally. Milkpro, a food engineering start-up in Haifa, Israel, will use their patented heat transfer cylinder system to teach students about whey and energy conservation.

Village Energy

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Village Energy works with families in rural and urban slums of Uganda to address their energy needs. Village Energy's range of solar products is designed to replace kerosene, allowing families to save money while improving their health.