Green business



O negócio criará logística de resíduos têxteis industriais. Outras atividades serão: oferta de cursos de qualificação, criação de novos produtos e P&D de novos materiais e processos de transformação.

Sun City Energy

for profit

We are the firs venture to design, build and sell mobile solar water pumps locally. These are small-scale, reliable and affordable pumps tailored to the needs of small farmers at the base of the pyramid. This pump will be the firs of its kind that provide a feasible alternative to diesel pumps.

Mantenlo Verde


We collect inorganic waste and exchange for service or products from our partners.
Only 15% of the inorganic waste is correctly separated and recycle.
We appreciate the effort of separating your trash, as a reward you get green points. when you collect a several points, you can exchange them.

Jean bouteille

for profit

Jean Bouteille is a solution that allow people to consume without generating trash liquid product like oil, vinegar, wine or beer. It is the association of returnable bottle and Bulk sales.
Therfore, we can sell cheaper, without trash, in a way that create more local jobs.

Green Oil UK Limited

for profit

Petrochemicals and PTFE enter the environment via people's bikes every year. ending up in rivers and the sea.
Green Oil makes alternative lubricants without petrochemicals and PTFE, instead using 27 different plants.
With a cradle to cradle approach, bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic.