Green business


The garment industry in Ethiopia is growing. Agromodus sketches an integrated holistic concept of an advantageous production system, in which collaborating parties that are willing to indulge in good practice, have a great opportunity to provide a sustainable supply for an increasing market demand.

Amortized Solar System

for profit

Access to reliable electricity is difficult in Nigeria. Through this solution, we can provide reliable, affordable and environmentally friendly energy for Nigerians. We will achieve this by providing a flexible payment structure through which the cost of solar systems will be amortized to end users.

Yakubu Yusuf's New Entry


GRAB A CUP is a nutritious, environmentally friendly packaged breakfast. We package in recycled paper rather than the very popular polythene or other light plastics which has a negative impact on the planet .We are providing employment whiles solving the unhealthy habit of skipping breakfast.

Stand4 Socks

for profit

Stand4 creates the most meaningful products in the world. Through reconnecting consumers with social issues and tangible charity giving, we reimagine ordinary products and give them extraordinary purpose.

Piipee - Save the Water

for profit

Piipee its a new way to save water. Piipee its a dispositive that can reduces up to 80% of the consumption of clean water in toilet bowl. Piipee cost less than the water used in the flush. Easy, simple and cheap. If used in São Paulo, Piipee can reduces up to 1BI (water) every 3 days.



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