Green consumerism

Geotourism Challenge 2009: Power of Place - Sustaining the Future of Destinations

Join our search for the most innovative examples of geotourism around the globe. Enter by the extended deadline May 25, 2009.

This 2009 Geotourism Challenge, sponsored by National Geographic and Ashoka Changemakers, attracted 610 innovative geotourism entries. Check out these destinations from 81 countries that promote natural and cultural heritage while improving the well-being of the local people.

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The three finalists that receive the most votes, will each receive a cash prize of US$5,000.
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Project focuses on introducing Green Concepts to Sri Lankans to create an Eco-cult era to make the lives Standard. 200 Green Projects in schools, 100 projects in villages, A research, Generalized Green Standard are among the activities which will be showcased through a reality show.


for profit

Nothing to cook for dinner? You are now able to consult the FoodLoop apps and find the best offers close to you. The FoodLoop platform is geared towards resource-efficiency, redefining the way we think, produce and consume, thus creating a positive environmental footprint with its activities.

Changing Minds

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

We are a group of young tired of seeing things happen and not be part of the change, we seek to create awareness in Costa Rican society about their patterns of consumption, and thereby combating climate change.



O negócio criará logística de resíduos têxteis industriais. Outras atividades serão: oferta de cursos de qualificação, criação de novos produtos e P&D de novos materiais e processos de transformação.

Jean bouteille

for profit

Jean Bouteille is a solution that allow people to consume without generating trash liquid product like oil, vinegar, wine or beer. It is the association of returnable bottle and Bulk sales.
Therfore, we can sell cheaper, without trash, in a way that create more local jobs.

Green Oil UK Limited

for profit

Petrochemicals and PTFE enter the environment via people's bikes every year. ending up in rivers and the sea.
Green Oil makes alternative lubricants without petrochemicals and PTFE, instead using 27 different plants.
With a cradle to cradle approach, bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic.