Cattle Farmers Community

for profit

65 out of 70 cattle farmers just throw the cows' feces to the water or drainage, resulting bad air problems and pollution. We are focusing on the waste utilization as organic fertilizer, and together we seek for the solution to help developing the community, especially in the economy sector.

Group 25

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

We have invented a device that can monitor a bicycle wheel's rotation and award points to a user through an app. They can then use said points to get discounts or free items at participating locations. Our product will increase the amount of bicycles on the road and help people get and stay healthy!

Bali Water Protection (BWP)

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

BALI – “The Islands of the Gods” is a paradise loved by people worldwide, and once abundant fresh water.Nowadays, Nowadays, Paradise is under threat. The immense development boom of the last 20+ years has resulted in a dramatic water crisis. But we have a solution!

Cocoa Malecu

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Our project aims to empower the indigenous Malecu to sustainably produce cocoa in diversified agroforests and to build up short, fair and transparent value chains for the high-quality products, including chocolate blend with native fruits and nuts from the agroforest.



We are a mobile app that revolutionizes recycling, changing habits of those who do not recycle, making the recycling super extra easy!!! We included brands with a sustainable advertising and reducing its carbon footprint. At last we will have a clean planet!

Vivere Verde

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

proyecto Vivere Verde, mediante el cual impulso en los niños y niñas , el amor por la naturaleza, el cuidado del entorno, contribuyendo a la construcción colectiva y responsable de una Ciudad Sostenible. El foco principal de vivere verde es el cuidado del medio ambiente en todos sus aspectos

Agua para la Vida

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Constituir observatorios del agua en los que la sociedad organizada realice el monitoreo y vigilancia de la gestión gubernamental; se generen estrategias para la co-gobernanza,co-gestión y defensa del derecho humano al agua en sus componentes accesibilidad, disponibilidad,calidad y sustentabilidad.

Eliminar a Ideia de Lixo

for profit

Eliminar a ideia de lixo é a missão da TerraCycle, um negócio social que desenvolve programas nacionais de reciclagem por meio do patrocínio das fabricantes e do protagonismo do consumidor: principal agente na mobilização de redes de coleta que fomentam a educação ambiental e geram doações sociais.