Renewable energy


for profit

Greenhub aims to create a culture of energy efficient and environmental friendly buildings in our society. We design and develop energy saving systems for buildings and research on Eco-friendly materials, that lead to the construction of structures that are sustainable throughout their life cycle.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

SunSaluter is a non-profit dedicated to improving energy and water access in the developing world. We help local entrepreneurs establish for-profit organizations using our simple, human-centric SunSaluter technology which increases solar panel output by 30% while also filtering water!


for profit

$120 billion worth of biomass (e.g. farm) waste are burned every year globally, representing 18% of global CO2 emissions. We convert this farm waste into clean-burning, high-quality cooking fuel that is 20% less expensive, less toxic and easily accessible to rural populations.



Sustainable Marketing and design firm to leverage unused urban wall/roofs/courtyards for vertical aquaponic and algae farms. We educate people in poverty and youth at risk in entrepreneurism and science, in order to strengthen communities, and create a better future.

We also promote recycling, and have received 20 solar panels from a giant solar company to be donated, created a community aquaponic system, and taught 60 kids to date about algae and sustainability.

Elandes Engineering

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

This project harnesses the abundance of sunlight to light shopping centres in off-grid rural parts of Africa. This is achieved by using Solar Photovoltaic cells coupled with batteries. LEDs are used as luminaries with automatic brightness control.

Generation Community


Gen Community develops, finances and manages community owned renewable energy projects in low income areas. Our projects directly combat fuel poverty & climate change through reduced energy bills for fuel poor homes, whilst surpluses from the solar electricity is used to support local social needs.