Project focuses on introducing Green Concepts to Sri Lankans to create an Eco-cult era to make the lives Standard. 200 Green Projects in schools, 100 projects in villages, A research, Generalized Green Standard are among the activities which will be showcased through a reality show.

Light Fridge

for profit

Light Fridge project increases the shelf life of fresh Produce in a cost effective way using green technology. This helps fight food security by reducing post harvest losses in fresh produce. The target is small holder farmers in rural areas with low access to electricity.



WomEng invests and develops girls and women in the engineering industry to shift the gender parity of the sector. It creates inclusive environments and provides girls and women with the key skills to thrive in the engineering industry.

LettuceBee Kids

for profit

We envision a future where no child is begging on the streets; a future where your fortunes depend on the richness of your spirit, not the richness you were born into. We, at LettuceBee Kids, work for this future through economically sustainable reintegration of street children into society.


for profit

Nothing to cook for dinner? You are now able to consult the FoodLoop apps and find the best offers close to you. The FoodLoop platform is geared towards resource-efficiency, redefining the way we think, produce and consume, thus creating a positive environmental footprint with its activities.

Kevin Mpofu's New Entry


We aim to develop shipping container malls aimed at providing affordable retail space for low-income people, newcomers, youth and people facing
barriers to starting a business. The business also focuses largely at university student housing, providing affordable housing.

ONganic Foods Pvt Ltd

for profit

ONganic is a social enterprise that improves livelihoods of small organic farmers and connects them with urban consumers. Small farmers organized as a farmer producer company grow, process and package the produce, which is marketed and sold by ONganic through both e-commerce and offline platforms.


for profit

The business idea is to cater the need of wearing fashion dresses without purchasing them and empowering customers in finding quality clothes at a bare minimum price. The idea is to create a marketplace 'website' , which will 'inspire' people to use and reuse the available clothing options.

Reduce Your Use

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Explain what climate change is and teach how we can address it in a dynamic way.
Raise global awareness of what is happening in our planet.
We need to start changing our daily habits, into sustainable habits.