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Growing Support

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Growing Support is changing the way people with dementia enjoy life. We empower people with dementia living in care to take control over their environment and enjoy all the health and wellbeing benefits of working outside as part of a sociable group.

Stasis Labs

for profit

Stasis Labs’ mission is to provide emerging markets with affordable technological solutions specifically designed to increase the quality and access of health care. Our vision is to revolutionize how health care is practiced in emerging markets because where one is born should not determine the quality of their health care.

Vintage for a Cause

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

A sewing club for women over 50 without an active live and no participative role in society, where they transform old clothes, donated by them or others, with help of known fashion designers and fashion students, in original , exclusive and vintage styles clothes.
This is the pretext to make big changes in their lifes. And this new clothes are to sell in order to sustain the operations.
This is more than an ocupation! This is the step to gain an new role in society!

Creative Minds

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Creative Minds is a social enterprise that delivers fun and engaging Art Sessions to care homes and small residential homes across the South East. We currently work with the elderly and people with learning disabilities helping people of all ages and abilities to get creative!

Care Charts UK


Care Charts UK develops products which empower carers to provide dignified and high quality person-centred care, by giving them access to the needs and preferences of an individual unable to communicate their own needs, whilst protecting the confidentiality of that information.

Creative Minds

Creative Minds is a social enterprise that delivers fun and engaging art sessions to care homes and residential homes.<!--break-->Their art sessions enable the residents to have fun creating beautiful artwork under the supervision of a professional artist. The residents enjoy using a variety of media to create art and spend time with their peers in a social inclusive group. The business has recently created a franchise model, for which they have received substantial interest from artists around the country.


United Kingdom
51° 36' 59.7348" N, 0° 18' 3.1968" E
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Siel Bleu Ireland


Siel Bleu Ireland is a social enterprise that utilises specialised physical activities to improve the lives of older populations. Our specially designed evidence based exercise programmes counteract sedentary lifestyles, prevent illness and promote active and healthy ageing.