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Growing Support

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Growing Support is changing the way people with dementia enjoy life. We empower people with dementia living in care to take control over their environment and enjoy all the health and wellbeing benefits of working outside as part of a sociable group.

Stasis Labs

for profit

Stasis Labs’ mission is to provide emerging markets with affordable technological solutions specifically designed to increase the quality and access of health care. Our vision is to revolutionize how health care is practiced in emerging markets because where one is born should not determine the quality of their health care.

Vintage for a Cause

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

A sewing club for women over 50 without an active live and no participative role in society, where they transform old clothes, donated by them or others, with help of known fashion designers and fashion students, in original , exclusive and vintage styles clothes.
This is the pretext to make big changes in their lifes. And this new clothes are to sell in order to sustain the operations.
This is more than an ocupation! This is the step to gain an new role in society!

Creative Minds

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Creative Minds is a social enterprise that delivers fun and engaging Art Sessions to care homes and small residential homes across the South East. We currently work with the elderly and people with learning disabilities helping people of all ages and abilities to get creative!

Care Charts UK


Care Charts UK develops products which empower carers to provide dignified and high quality person-centred care, by giving them access to the needs and preferences of an individual unable to communicate their own needs, whilst protecting the confidentiality of that information.

Creative Minds

Creative Minds is a social enterprise that delivers fun and engaging art sessions to care homes and residential homes.<!--break-->Their art sessions enable the residents to have fun creating beautiful artwork under the supervision of a professional artist. The residents enjoy using a variety of media to create art and spend time with their peers in a social inclusive group. The business has recently created a franchise model, for which they have received substantial interest from artists around the country.


United Kingdom
51° 36' 59.7348" N, 0° 18' 3.1968" E
Changemakers Taxonomy: 

Siel Bleu Ireland


Siel Bleu Ireland is a social enterprise that utilises specialised physical activities to improve the lives of older populations. Our specially designed evidence based exercise programmes counteract sedentary lifestyles, prevent illness and promote active and healthy ageing.


for profit

Obatech improves the relationship between nurses/pharmacists, and their chronic disease patients in Indonesia. Our system enables them to organize and document follow up, bringing patients back to clinics; guides them through assessment; and gives them access to training to upgrade their skills.

AGE Thailand


ประเทศไทยเข้าสู่การเป็นสังคมผู้สูงอายุแล้ว ไม่ว่าจะที่วัด ในห้าง ร้านค้า งานเอ็กซ์โป หรือบนรถเมล์


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Committed to improving the quality of life for Chicago’s low-income elderly, (H.O.M.E.) helps seniors remain independent and part of their community by offering opportunities for intergenerational living and by providing a variety of citywide support services.

National Steinbeck Center

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

We will encourage meaningful exchange between young people, musicians and isolated seniors—an experience of intergenerational listening. Performances of music from the prime of their lives will inspire seniors to share their stories with teens, who will interpret these stories for the community.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

go!PEI is a community-based healthy living initiative that offers free physical activity and healthy eating programs for Islanders across PEI. go!Seniors, a program of go!PEI, was created for older adults aged 55+ geared to improve quality of life for participants and reduce health care costs.

Youth Community Service

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

To develop a curriculum for educators and youth agencies based on meaningful, high quality, service-based intergenerational learning for youth. We will draw on diverse cultural riches of Latino, African-American, Pacific Islander, Asian, and other traditions to inform and inspire this work.

Wabano Diabetes Clan


The Wabano Diabetes Clan is a unique diabetes prevention and management program that aims to reduce diabetes among Aboriginal peoples. Built from traditional teachings, this program has potential to help people make positive changes to their health and for the next seven generations to come.

Culture of active aging


In Greece it is generally believed that there is no concern for the elderly. Our idea creates the motive to activate the aging population through a wide range of activities.The activities include a daily cultural cruise with sightseeing tours, yoga training and taste of Greek herbs.



Beewise focuses on maintaining the quality of life of skilled un/under-employed professionals + preventing them from marginalization, depression, social exclusion, poverty, potential homelessness. It creates the infrastructure for this pro-active initiative through a web based, barter marketplace.

It's Always Time to Realign

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

We have all been told to sit up straight and have repeated the same, but why? How many of us really know? We can visibly notice people slouching and physically feel it ourselves, but does it really matter? Yes it does! Every one of us owes it to ourselves to gain the benefits of best posture.

End the digital divide

Using an android app developed by a French start-up of the Silver Economy, our project is to provide highly isolated senior citizens with both a connected device (android tablet) and a volunteers-based distant support service, run by senior volunteers, in order to break the exclusion and loneliness paradigm affecting the poorest senior citizens in the French countryside.



Adopt-A-Team Program offers a night of fun, and inexpensive entertainment to groups of retirees. A Corporation would develop Good Will and Traffic Builders programs. The scope of this Concept is only limited by ones imagination.


Vollpension is a social integration coffeehouse with grandma’s familiarity, cakes and inter-generational stories. A public place, where jobs for seniors are created to counteract poverty among the elderly while promoting the exchange among old & young people. Away from stereotypes and prejudices towards better mutual understanding and co-operative work.

Age Friendly Towns

The Age Friendly Towns initiative seeks to make Ireland a great place to grow old, using a multi-stakeholder process. By focussing on towns, the initiative is able to implement real change over a short time and make an impact on the lives of older people in their communities. This is achieved through collaboration between businesses, statutory bodies, NGOs and older people to reach practical and actionable solutions that benefit all partners.

Chance for life! Methods for recovering stroke patients through physical therapy.

Stroke is a cardivascular disorder caused by insufficient oxygenation of the brain. Among the most common causes of stroke we can mention hypertention, diabetes, clotting disorders, vascular embolism and cranial trauma. People who suffer a stroke often face physical and mental disorders that reduce the chance of a normal life if they do not get treatment in time.

White Yellow Cross Foundation Romania Oral health of older people-an inovative approach in Romania!

 According to Romanian official records, in Romania there are 14000 dental doctors (1 for 1573 citizens). Dental services are mainly solicited by people living in urban areas while specific services for older people who can not leave their home are missing. The negative impact of poor oral condition is high upon patients with chronic diseases, causing high prevalence rates of periodontal diseases that adds to already poor quality of life.


44° 26' 12.9588" N, 26° 7' 3.1188" E

Oral Health for elderly!

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Preventing oral health problems for the patients of White Yellow Cross Foundation Romania!
Oral health of older people - a new idea for Romania!
Innovating home care services by oral health education programs and interventions!
Chronic disease and most oral diseases share common risk factors!


for profit

Treatment will provide a chronic disease management telehealth service to northern First Nation tribes in Saskatchewan integrated with primary care physicians and specialists using low cost internet stethoscopes/otoscopes to examine patients remotely and reduce the cost of travel and chronic disease

Ung Omsorg (Young Care)

Ung Omsorg (Young Care) creates bridges between generations by organizing youth on elder care homes to engage in social activities. The mission is to bring that little bit extra care to the elderly, and at the same time offer young people a first engaging part-time job. Hopefully we will also inspire some of the young people working with us to a future career in the care sector.

Cherish the Old-Care for the Young

Combining Lifestory and Lifemusic work to support person centred care approach in nursing homes. Person-centred care considers the whole person, taking into account each individual's unique qualities, abilities, interests, preferences and needs. It also means treating residents with dementia with dignity and respect. We support and train young artists with regular and meaningful work in care home communities.

Become my buddy!

Our aim is to restore former custom of neighbourly help. We are going to link a volunteer with the elder people from Gdansk and provide seniors with electronic system of telecare. In case of danger older person will be able to connect with 24/7 alarm centre by pressing the button on the necklace or wrist watch. Teleasistant is responsible to notify the caregivers - volunteer, member of a family or appropriate emergency services.

Vivons en Forme

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

The aim of the Programme Vivons en Forme (VIF) is to prevent childhood obesity in the 240 engaged towns. VIF is based on a multistakeholder scheme, an implementing partner (NGO FLVS), local public authorities (240 Mayors), university, National authorities and for profit and not for profil partners.

Fitness for all Abilities

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

The Fitness for all Abilities initiative will break down the physical, financial, and attitudinal barriers that prevent persons with disabilities from participating in physical activity. The initiative will create a fully accessible fitness facility that will be accessible at an affordable cost.

Brain Health

At Schools, jobs, Groups, Churches, ask people to fill out a prepared form asking such questions as 1) changing feet to centemeters,gallons to litres miles to kilometers etc. Before or after each group meets have them walk around the block. This will get them talking prviding mental, physical exerci

Vantastic Health Route - Fingal (Pilot)

This pilot service was designed, implemented and developed to accommodate the challenges that health-related transport presents for older people with impaired mobility in Fingal. The solution reached was based on the existing Vantastic Health Route model, with priority set on delivering a local, individualised service that was tailored to meet the specific requirements identified via the Age Friendly Initiative consultation with older people.