Elsa Gomez's New Entry


La inclusión de personas con discapacidad a la sociedad no es para todos, en la actualidad en México, la población que vive con una discapacidad grave o múltiple no tiene oportunidad de incluirse a la sociedad y contrario a ello, requiere atención especial para atender necesidades básicas.

Animal Angels

Minal Lonkar-Kavishwar, an energetic and creative psychologist, is introducing animal-assisted therapy in India to increase emotional and mental health. She is unlocking latent capacities for communication and empathy by combining the qualities of a therapist and trained animal, during interaction with clients.


Javed Abidi is working to make legislative rights and economic opportunities a reality for the disabled in India. He is organizing disability groups across thematic, geographic, and language barriers to set up an informed national lobby. Simultaneously, he is establishing partnerships with business and the government to create equitable employment of the disabled.


Purobie Bose is providing care to disabled children in India through a new, inter-disciplinary training program that enables special educators and parents to integrate support for a wide range of disabilities.


for profit

KitSmile is changing cerebral palsy rehabilitation in children through technology, design and knowledge. At KitSmile we have designed a portable and modular chair that accommodates every need of a child with cerebral palsy. It is an all day companion. The one device the child will need to be safe, happy and perform daily activities: whether is eating, resting or exercising.