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Bardaskan is a marginalized town in west of Korasan razavi state (Iran) and what I'm trying to do to make change in my community is to start up a rural tourism ( actually agro-tourism and eco tourism in my hometown . This idea will helps us in different ways like providing jobs,market...

Autismo e Odontologia

software de comunicação do autista com o cirurgião-dentista para facilitar o atendimento odontológico em ambulatório. A maioria dos autistas são atendidos com anestesia geral devido a dificuldade de comunicação. Desenvolvi o programa e apliquei tendo bom resultado.

Sky Badger School Awards

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

The Sky Badger School Awards is a disability awareness programme for Primary Schools and community groups in the UK
The programme includes exciting and innovative learning activities that support teachers and put disability issues at the heart of the National Curriculum.

The elai Project


The elai project makes all social goods and services fully accessible to all persons, regardless of disability or ability. Our aim is the full letter and spirit of the ADA in practice. This includes teaching a paradigm shift in how people understand disabilities and accommodations.

Concepts To Projects (CTP)

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Poverty is enemy of society and human rights. Delivery of livelihood initiatives directly to those that lack preconditions for application and award of services that transform communities into economic zones with the ripple effects of poverty reduction and resilience for sustainability.

Sin brecha 2.0

for profit

Sin brecha 2.0, a través de su plataforma, persigue que las personas con discapacidad intelectual sean partícipes de su propio aprendizaje, siendo ellos los principales actores en la construcción de contenidos sobre el uso correcto de la tecnología.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

I'm a paralyzed german, who likes riding handcycle. During a stay in Mexico, I rode, too. A guy in a wheelchair asked me if I have another handcycle to borough him? I didn't! But I started to think, about how to help wheelchairs users without financial recources to get their own handcycle.

New Beginning

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

New Beginning is a private psychological clinic for distorted people who lose their passion of life because of the others mistake. This psychological clinic will provide them support, therapy, and skills training.

Creative Minds

Creative Minds is a social enterprise that delivers fun and engaging art sessions to care homes and residential homes.<!--break-->Their art sessions enable the residents to have fun creating beautiful artwork under the supervision of a professional artist. The residents enjoy using a variety of media to create art and spend time with their peers in a social inclusive group. The business has recently created a franchise model, for which they have received substantial interest from artists around the country.


United Kingdom
51° 36' 59.7348" N, 0° 18' 3.1968" E
Changemakers Taxonomy: 

Athena Fund

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Today, many special education teachers in Israel are excluded from the computer revolution and unable to fully meet their students' diverse needs. Athena Fund aims to provide these teachers with iPads and technological training to empower them so that they may teach their students more effectively.



Totohealth is a social enterprise utilizing mobile technology to detect child development abnormalities and improve access to maternal and child health information for parents from marginalized communities using mobile technology.


El siguiente proyecto se deriva de la necesidad de apoyar al traslado de personas que usan SILLA DE RUEDAS, el paso de la silla al automóvil o taxi, resulta de alto riesgo, pero ésto se puede evitar usando TAXSILLA!!!
Sería un sistema de transporte especializado para el acceso y descenso con silla

The Achievable Health Center

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

The Navigators project will partner UCLA medical students with special needs patients at the non-profit Achievable Health Center to guide them through medical visits. The personalized accommodations they find most effective will be documented and shared with the medical community to improve care.

The MS Warrior Network

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

The MS Warrior Network attempts to provide information about research and connections within the Canadian MS Community. The mission of the Network is to bring people together in the search for an understanding of MS and how it impacts quality of life, while providing as much support as possible.

Live Braille

for profit

Live Braille aims to take blind navigation to an entirely new level with a robust, and practicable technology in the form of glove which claims to provide incredible navigation speeds to the blind. "We want to do what Microsoft and Mac did to the computer industry".

Mohammad Othman's picture

Healthy Bakery Products

Project goal: A high quality life in Palestine.Project statement: It will be the first project in Palestine that concern about serving mainly a healthy cereal products to the community.Mission: Raise community health by taking care of their food habits to become more healthy.Vision: Mena region will improve their health and awareness through their life cycle.Problem: Our community is not concerned about their food habits and lack of awareness is a major issue to focus on.Solution:1.      To


Palestinian Territory

Dawaai Inc

for profit

Dawaai.pk revolves around a telephone / online pharmacy that delivers authentic medicines at doorstep. We do this at no extra cost to patients. Qualified pharmacists are available on the phone for advice and taking orders.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Disability should never be the obstacle to fulfil dreams & create a change. The disabled have been labeled as incompetent enough. DIS IS ABILITY reveals the true hidden potentials of such sector promoting social equity in education, employment, health care and environmental services for better life.


for profit

We create toys for inclusive play, to encourage independence and exploration among all children, regardless of ability, age, or gender. We collaborate with therapists, educators, parents, and kids, to ensure that our products are accessible and attractive to all. Our first toy is called the O-Rings.


for profit

The flexkor is a resistance training device that has been tested and proven to enhance flexibility and strength. Also the Flexkor has been proven to be beneficial for elite athletes and for rehabilitation purposes! Athletes and everyday people have gained a better healthy lifestyle from the Flexkor!

You Can Ride 2

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

You Can Ride 2 gets children with disabilities outside riding bicycles with their families and friends. Each summer, YCR2 runs "learn to ride" courses specifically for kids with disabilities aged 8 and above. Kids with greater needs can borrow an adapted bike for the summer from our loan pool.

Power To Be

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Power To Be provides adventure-based programs designed for youth and families in need of support. The programs serve to inspire participants to connect with nature, break down barriers and discover their abilities, while promoting physical heath and emotional well-being.

Straighten Up Canada App

Each year, over 11 million Canadians suffer from at least one musculoskeletal condition. The Straighten Up Canada app is a public service program specifically designed to improve posture and spine health. It is an easy to use stretching program comprised of 12 exercises that promote better posture.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

People with intellectual disabilities face many barriers in achieving a healthy lifestyle that other Canadians do not face. Replay is a uniquely designed health and fitness program to give people with intellectual disabilities a chance to eat better, get fit, and feel good everyday of their lives.

Shane's Inspiration

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Together, We Are Able is a powerful, play-driven education program that inspires empathy, compassion, and social interaction between children with and without disabilities. Using a holistic approach, we educate the entire school community, creating sustainable social inclusion through play.

Manos que Hablan


Manos que Hablan: Desarrollo de aplicación en Android para el aprendizaje y la enseñanza del lenguaje dactilológico en Colombia.
Versión inicial de aplicación inclusiva se desarrollara con el fin de poder enseñar a través de dispositivos móviles el alfabeto dactilológico