Purobie Bose is providing care to disabled children in India through a new, inter-disciplinary training program that enables special educators and parents to integrate support for a wide range of disabilities.


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KitSmile is changing cerebral palsy rehabilitation in children through technology, design and knowledge. At KitSmile we have designed a portable and modular chair that accommodates every need of a child with cerebral palsy. It is an all day companion. The one device the child will need to be safe, happy and perform daily activities: whether is eating, resting or exercising.

Energy efficient housing

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

I'm at the first stage of the design of a private energy efficient house worth 50 thousand dollars. In my intention, this amount should include construction of all communication systems and basic renovation (without wallpaper, furniture, or interior decoration).


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Disability should never be the obstacle to fulfill dreams & create a change. DIS IS ABILITY reveals the true hidden potentials of such sector promoting social equity in education, employment, health care and environmental services for better life.


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GiveVision is a software that powers any smart glasses to act as a guide for blind and partially sighted people. It translates visual information into audio in real time and also enhances people's remaining vision to recognise text, signs, objects and faces.

Helping Hands


Elderly, terminally ill persons continue to face various challenges today at home. Poverty, insufficient facilities and personnel are the leading factors that limits them in seeking quality healthcare. This organization was founded to solve these healthcare problems through sustainable strategies.

Emmanuel Omuya's New Entry

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

It is a community based project focused on pharmacy and healthcare services provision,it is committed to offering human basic services for social change, sustainable development and build a healthy society for the urban and rural poor, underprivileged communities and people living in slums,


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El diseño accesible acerca la moda a 390 millones de discapacitados. Los tejidos inteligentes mejoran la calidad de vida, y requieren industrialización local, retomando la producción, y en consecuencia, la confección. Nuestra apuesta es adaptar las máquinas de coser a usuarios en silla de ruedas.