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Healthy Bakery Products

Project goal: A high quality life in Palestine.Project statement: It will be the first project in Palestine that concern about serving mainly a healthy cereal products to the community.Mission: Raise community health by taking care of their food habits to become more healthy.Vision: Mena region will improve their health and awareness through their life cycle.Problem: Our community is not concerned about their food habits and lack of awareness is a major issue to focus on.Solution:1.      To



Palestinian Territory

Dawaai Inc

for profit

Dawaai.pk revolves around a telephone / online pharmacy that delivers authentic medicines at doorstep. We do this at no extra cost to patients. Qualified pharmacists are available on the phone for advice and taking orders.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Disability should never be the obstacle to fulfil dreams & create a change. The disabled have been labeled as incompetent enough. DIS IS ABILITY reveals the true hidden potentials of such sector promoting social equity in education, employment, health care and environmental services for better life.


for profit

We create toys for inclusive play, to encourage independence and exploration among all children, regardless of ability, age, or gender. We collaborate with therapists, educators, parents, and kids, to ensure that our products are accessible and attractive to all. Our first toy is called the O-Rings.


for profit

The flexkor is a resistance training device that has been tested and proven to enhance flexibility and strength. Also the Flexkor has been proven to be beneficial for elite athletes and for rehabilitation purposes! Athletes and everyday people have gained a better healthy lifestyle from the Flexkor!