Health care


Caroline is accelerating the cost-effective development of treatment for rare diseases by addressing key translational gap and clinical development challenges, acting as an investor, a patient voice and a trusted broker between patients, pharmaceutical companies and government regulatory bodies.

Riders for Health

For over twenty years, Andrea Coleman has focused on solving a seemingly simple, key component of rural healthcare delivery: on-the-ground transportation. Through a series of partnerships with government institutions, Andrea has designed new ways of bringing health workers to where patients are, built local expertise and supply chains for transport and maintenance, and dramatically improved healthcare reliability. Her work is driving transport up the government agenda in Africa and beyond, removing a crucial barrier for effective development as a whole.

Budapesti Korai Fejlesztő Központ

Investment in early childhood intervention – a system of professional services for very young children at risk of developmental delays, disabilities or atypical behavior – is a strategic question for each country, preventing abandonment and translating into positive returns on each dollar invested. However, in the European context, government service programs fail to provide integrated early childhood intervention strategies in all policies, leading to families lacking resources and skills to know how to develop their child during this period.

Youth with Disabilities Sports Club

Bringing a fresh new alternative to Turkey’s segregated approach to disability and youth, Celal Karadogan creates spaces and experiences for youth with and without disabilities to overcome their barriers, to experience the power of solidarity and to realize their full potentials, both physically and mentally. In his club, disabled youth find opportunities to lead active and meaningful lives, while youth without disabilities develop empathy and the ability to live with differences.

Yayasan Masyarakat Peduli

Despite the high health, economic, and environmental costs of poor sanitation, public resources are limited for improved sanitation in Indonesia. Ellena Rachmawati mobilizes communities’ own resources to establish self-reliant, healthy villages, addressing key issues such as sanitation, hygiene, and nutrition.

Mohan Foundation

Before 1997, there had been only one documented case of successful organ donation in India. Lalitha Raghuram has paved the way for a new system that manages organ donation in India and delivers them to the last stage organ failure patients most in need. Over the last 13 years, she has created a chain of responsibility in which trained doctors, nurses, transplant coordinators, counselors and social workers play clearly defined, but complementary roles to enable organ transplant in a safe and sensitive way.

Christine Du Preeze - Indivudual

Christine is providing migrant and residential farm workers in rural areas in South Africa with a set of on-site integrated health solutions, especially related to HIV/AIDS, by employing a peer-to-peer caregiving structure that reinforces behavior change towards a positive lifestyle. This is done in parallel to the building of a working environment that is conducive to the acceptance of their health condition both by their peers and their employers.

Simone Honikman - Individual

Simone works with public healthcare workers and pregnant women from disadvantaged South African communities and enables them to identify and treat maternal mental health illnesses. She empowers pregnant women and new mothers to cope with the stress of pregnancy and childbirth amidst the myriad of other social challenges they face, so that they can prevent and overcome maternal mental health problems and improve the maternity experience.