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Llega un tratamiento simple para el Asma

Por Alyssa Danigelis

Así como una simple hoja de papel, como por arte de magia se convierte en un ave intrincada, un temerario dragón o una delicada flor a través del antiguo arte del origami, también puede convertirse en la solución a uno de los más apremiantes desafíos de la pediatría: el asma.


Revelado um tratamento simples para a asma.

Por Alyssa Danigelis

Tal qual mágica, uma simples folha de papel pode se tornar um intricado pássaro, um valente dragão ou uma flor delicada, através da antiga arte do origami. Pode inclusive tornar-se uma solução para um dos desafios mais prementes em saúde pediátrica do mundo: a asma.

Portuguese, Brazil

Heart of Travel - Help me continue my mom Joyce's journey and connect those with cancer

During her final years, my mom Joyce saved up enough frequent flyer miles and points for her dream trip to Australia. Unfortunately, she faced a sudden and brief bout with cancer before she could go. The Heart of Travel Foundation ( will continue Joyce’s journey and ensure other cancer patients/survivors get the chance to make their dream trips possible. As part of their travel experience, participants will interact with locals impacted by cancer, exchange ideas, raise cancer awareness, and participate in local events.

Be a Nudge! Save a Life

It's reassuring to know when you get on a plane, that the pilot has an emergency checklist and a co-pilot backing him up. It should also be reassuring to know that ICU doctors may soon be following their lead.

Every year, some 200,000 patients contract infections during their stay in intensive care. Most of these are treatable with expensive antibiotics and a longer hospital stay. In some cases, these infections can be fatal.


Better Medicine

Medical centers are always looking for new ways to deliver better, more affordable care. The latest studies are showing that what goes on just outside the medical exam room can make the biggest difference.  If patients can learn to take on some of the management of their own health, their outcomes are better and costs are lower.


Changemaker Named Ashoka Fellow

Like many trailblazing solutions, Hilmi Quraishi's wildly popular mobile phone games that teach players about AIDS found success through not just hard work, but a novel idea and a bit of serendipity. The novel idea was approaching education about this very serious problem through the universal language of entertainment and using a widely-accessible technology to do it.