Health care

Alas para la Gente

Camilo Arjona is opening the door for social development and peace building in remote areas of Colombia, many of which have no government presence, through his organization, Alas para la Gente (Wings for the People). By delivering much needed healthcare, Camilo is introducing key allies to the communities to bring more attention and resources to address the issues beyond healthcare.

structural genomics consortium

Aled Edwards is orchestrating a disruptive shift within the drug discovery process. Beginning with gene research through to human testing, Aled is breaking down the various levels of bureaucratic blockages, and triggering a multi-billion dollar industry to embrace new open source practices. As such, Aled is creating the conditions needed to one day make medicines affordable for all.


Through the promotion of breastfeeding and the preparation of indigenous, nutritious baby food, Ines is building a mother-led movement to improve infant and young child feeding and maternal nutrition in the Philippines.

Fundación Venezolana para la Medicina Familiar

Carlos Atencio is responding to the failing healthcare system in Venezuela by introducing a new model of care based on family practice medicine and centered on community participation and responsibility. His Family Medicine Foundation provides affordable primary care (that resolves 85% of health issues in low income communities), trains medical professionals in family medicine techniques, and makes patients aware of their role in their own healthcare. As a result, Carlos is reducing medical costs, reviving a dying “specialty”, and putting communities in charge of their wellness.


GirlTrek offers an innovative solution to the problem of obesity in the Black community that draws inspiration from Black history to contextualize health as a broader civil rights issue, meets women at their point of need with a feasible first step, and turns healthy living into a service opportunity by training women as health leaders in their communities.

Horas da Vida

João Paulo is meeting the growing need for quality, timely, and inexpensive healthcare by connecting low-income patients to doctors and giving them immediate access to medical appointments. Through his Hours of Life Institute, João is not only filling a gap left by the public healthcare system, but also providing the medical community a way to lead and change the conversation about health and wellness in Brazil.

Zana Africa

Megan founded Zana Africa to ensure that young girls are able to navigate with dignity their puberty years and accompanying challenges related to changes in their reproductive health by providing access to quality hygiene products, particularly underwear and sanitary pads, as well as creating safe spaces for girls and young women to learn about reproductive health.

Asociación Colombiana de Bipolares

With a novel healthcare model that involves families in lasting prevention, Jorge Cardoso is inspiring a new understanding around mental health in Colombia. Starting with bipolar disorder, a condition that has marked his own life, he is now catalyzing a network that is influencing public policy, public perceptions, and overall diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

공감인 Empathetic persons

In a society that has chronically higher levels of violence and suicide rates than any other OECD countries, Hye-shin is enabling ordinary citizens to help themselves and people around them overcome their emotional and psychological trauma. By equipping ordinary citizens with the power and tools of promoting mental well-being, Hye-shin has created a solution whose scale is on par with the scale of the mental health crisis besetting South Korea.