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Ashoka and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation have partnered to catalyze a movement through a network of leaders who are driving a new vision for the field of children’s wellbeing in the United States. We believe that kids thrive when they grow up with a strong sense of self, purpose, and belonging, and that these ‘building blocks’ of wellbeing help children form healthy relationships, show resilience in the face of trauma, and make thoughtful choices.

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Finalist Spotlight: Eau et Vie

Eau et Vie is building a social business network that is changing the health conditions in rural areas. Founded in the Philippines in 2008, Eau et Vie's projects are embedded in the communities that they serve. Together with Boehringer Ingelheim, they plan to scale-up their microfinance solutions to improve access to pharmaceutical services.

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Cara Mengecilkan Betis Kaki

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Olahraga merupakan salah satu cara mengecilkan betis dengan cepat dan alami yang sudah terbukti ampuh. Betis kaki yang besar ternyata menjadi masalah tersendiri terutama bagi seorang wanita. Tubuh terlihat tidak seksi dan kaki terlihat lebih pendek apabila memiliki betis yang besar.

speedy recovery

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Professional team that will make the medication available at all times to villagers and provide the village with well-prepared ambulance to offer suitable ride to the nearest medical center. We dream about healthy and comfortable life to be available for all.