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PKB is the world’s first patient-controlled medical record that allows the patient to gain a copy of their information from the different sources and collate it in one place to share with whoever they trust. The platform enables new interactions with their health network.

Virada da Saúde: app mobile

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

"Virada da Saúde" an opportunity to talk about health in an innovative way, without focusing on assistance or disease but addressing prevention. In 2015 had more than 900 activities in the city of SP, in 391 locations and 77,000 participants. An app mobile is an opportunity to reach more people.

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In the Future, All Business Will Be Part Of Healthcare

This blog was written by Kristie Wang and originally published on Ashoka's page.


It’s no secret that we need better models for health care. America’s healthcare system is under intense scrutiny, with many discussions focusing on how we can apply pressure on hospitals and consumers in order to reduce the cost of care and prevent the spread of chronic disease.

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The ApPatient will be the most complete online health platform focusing on medical triage. This tool directs the patient to the correct health service that has access to the app, therefore checks the information given by the patient. It will optimize time and quality of service.


for profit

Piron is building new ways to improve healthcare assistance through the use of IoT and artificial intelligence.
We currently have a system to lower medical costs and make communication between doctors and patients more easier, giving automatic feedback to doctors about patient health 24 hours a day


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

HandReach works to provide world-class medical care and rehabilitation for children injured by trauma in the developing world. We seek to expand impact through telemedicine and systematic clinical exchange so that more children can gain access to much-needed care and return to productive lives.