Medical Research


for profit

Introduce stevia plant as a substitute natural ZERO calories sweetener to EGYPTIAN community, carry research in its other claimed benefits as a medication for diseases such as diabetes and create a sustainable source for stevia plant in EGYPT.

Medella Health

for profit

Medella Health is creating contact lenses that non-invasively monitor blood glucose for diabetics and provides continuous feedback via a mobile app. By integrating with e-health records, daily glucose can be monitored by a patient’s doctor, who can provide better recommendations based on the data.

Ingenious Instruments


Ingenious Instruments aims to design devices for healthcare diagnosis, scientific education and academic research. Our first product is a low cost, automated, high-precision digital microscope for remote diagnosis of tropical diseases in developing countries, and high school STEM education.

Health e-ntreprenHEuRs

for profit

Health e-ntreprenHEuRs disseminate essential healing knowledge to rural and urban slum communities using mobile technology, while providing access to essential health services and quality products that promote health, wellness and balanced nutrition.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Many children reject medicines. Some medicines contribute to the generation of dental cavities in 52% of children and also for the obesity and the diabetes. We created a new model of production of medicines more healthy and appealing; in the form of 100% healthy gums, lollipops and chocolates.