Medical Research



iLihlo (Ndebele for eye) is an free and open source assistive technology system based around NFC Technology to help VI individuals manage pharmaceuticals.Traditionally labelling on pharmaceuticals has been the privilege of those with above average visual acuity.


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Toto tech is developing a solution many researchers have ignored. Through wearable technology, we are trying to reduce choking and SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) cases in infants. Our device is able to detect when a baby chokes or encounters breathing difficulties, raise an alarm and sms alert



Humans spend 3 billion hours a week playing videogames. There are more than 2 million deaths per year due to global health diseases. Games are the best way to learn: EduSpot uses videogames with real medical images to learn about and fight global health diseases.


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The flexkor is a resistance training device that has been tested and proven to enhance flexibility and strength. Also the Flexkor has been proven to be beneficial for elite athletes and for rehabilitation purposes! Athletes and everyday people have gained a better healthy lifestyle from the Flexkor!


Center for Health Services believes everyone deserves a better health care and education. Our commitment is to improve lives with providing education, health care support, fund research, increasing awareness, advocating for children and young adults with social, learning, developmental disabilities.

Le Grand défi Pierre Lavoie

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Le Grand défi Pierre Lavoie est un projet de société qui fait la promotion d’un mode de vie plus actif et plus sain depuis maintenant 6 ans. Motivés par ce succès au Québec, les organisateurs n’ont qu'une seule autre idée en tête : propulser le mouvement dans tout le Canada.