GirlsTalk/GuysTalk youth participate in various workshops and activities that teach about social awareness, health consciousness, healthy relationships, and positive self-esteem. We teach students they have choices & help cultivate well-rounded youth who make positive contributions to the world.

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Strengthening Local System in HIV and AIDS Prevention and Treatment Through Community-Based Organizations

This annual survey undertaken by Yayasan Ekspresi Warna (Expression of Color), a male-to-female transgender organization based in Surabaya (Indonesia)  found that there was significant positive impact in HIV prevention and treatment through the works of community-based organizations (CBOs). Waria (an Indonesian term for male-to-female transgender) is one of most at risk populations because most of them are sex workers and sexually active; and most of them are not exposed to health issue.



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AIDS Project Los Angeles

The APLA Pre-exposure Prophylaxis Program is a comprehensive HIV prevention program aimed for high-risk individuals in Los Angeles County. The program combines a prescription for PrEP with regular HIV testing, STI testing, safety labs and adherence and sexual health promotion counseling sessions.