Human Rights


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Nebahat Akkoc launched KA-MER, an organization that responds to women's critical needs and increases awareness their rights as citizens, wives,and mothers through providing a range of services, including legal and psychological counselling, human rights education, and child-care.

Support for Women’s Work

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Sengül Akcar has designed a community-based foundation that educates and empowers poor women and families. She does this by enabling women to break from their traditional, limiting roles and to gain financial independence and self-respect by learning nontraditional skills, such as carpentry.


GirlsTalk/GuysTalk youth participate in various workshops and activities that teach about social awareness, health consciousness, healthy relationships, and positive self-esteem. We teach students they have choices & help cultivate well-rounded youth who make positive contributions to the world.



ปรับปรุงระบบดูแลแรงงานไทยในอิสราเอล มิให้ถูกละเมิดสิทธิด้านต่างๆในประเทศอิสราเอล

Constitution For All

for profit

This is an initiative to help tackle the knowledge gap of the constitution prevalent amongst citizens by making it easily accessible to Nigerians on their mobile devices. This initiative has enabled over 1,000,000 Nigerians learn about their rights and responsibilities in the constitution.