Conflict resolution

Theatre Technology House

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Common Community Radio Soap Radio Drama (soap opera) campaign on citizen participation in monitoring service delivery, making free and rightful decision during election and ensuring that leaders are held accountable after election.

Fété Impact Development


Fété Impact Development est un cabinet de conseil et de formation en gouvernance, stratégie, gestion de projets et marketing. Conscient que sans prendre en compte la dimension « Homme » toute action est vaine, à Fété Impact Development nous œuvrons pour améliorer la vie de chaque être humain.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Our vision is to create a world where every child is supported and respected for his unique talent by creating opportunities for him to explore, initiate and discover things on his own, all through Play.We are creating Agents of Change by changing the MINDSETS of educators and society at large.

Uni Papua Football Community

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

West Papua has more than 300 tribes with different culture, habit and languange. Project Purpose is to provide foundation and nurture the Papuan Children & Youths, to be able kee them away from alcohol abuse, drugs, poverty, prevention for HIV/AIDS, and positive value of life through Football.

Big Brother Filô

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

O que os filósofos tem a dizer sobre nosso cotidiano? O que mudaria em nossas ações diárias à luz da Filosofia? Big Brother Filô pretende oferecer material para refletir sobre os acontecimentos do nosso dia.

Virando o Jogo!

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Promover o papel ativo e protagonista dos alunos da Rede Publica de ensino de Lauro de Freitas na renovação da didática através do uso das TICs e da ação de Mediação de Conflitos. Ativando-os como jovens Multiplicadores escolares contribuindo na transformação da escola.

THE infogatherer

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

THE infogatherer is not just a service leading you to your dream with information only. It also provides you totally with some direct contacts/special tools,/personal advice for a plan tailored to your personality, education and life circumstances.