Disability rights


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Este projeto servira de apoio para crianças com dificuldade em aprendizagem na escola, para aprenderem de forma lúdica.

Shane's Inspiration

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Together, We Are Able is a powerful, play-driven education program that inspires empathy, compassion, and social interaction between children with and without disabilities. Using a holistic approach, we educate the entire school community, creating sustainable social inclusion through play.

Proyecto Miranda

Proyecto Miranda es un programa diseñado para promover actitudes positivas de  la comunidad educativa   hacia las personas con discapacidad  dirigidas al fortalecimiento de  valores y actitudes de inclusión (respeto, tolerancia, solidaridad, empatía y aceptación a las diferencias) que permita prevenir la discriminación y promover los procesos de inclusión educativa e inserción social de las personas con discapacidad y lograr su integración  en los centro de educación preescolar y primaria ordinarios.



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Government is not considering Beggars as there Country citizens and few NGOs may sponsor food and money which is given by public will be used by them for drugs etc. This kind of help will not sustain for long to make them to lead normal and good life and Homeless people are also becoming Beggars.

IncludAbility - Perpato


IncludAbility has the mission to facilitate and enable the inclusion of people with disabilities into the business and social environment, so that all involved parties will benefit, serve their interests and increase their profits. by providing customized services to public and private sector.

Alli Opsi Training Camp. An educational program that brings together people with disabilities and trains them on how to start their new life on a wheelchair.

Alli Opsi Training camp brings together people with disabilities and trains them on how to start their new life on a wheelchair.  The instructors are themselves people with disabilities and train the participants on abilities that need to be acquired. More specifivally, the program addresses to people that have acquired quadriplegia (paralysis in the arms and legs) or paraplegia (paralysis of the legs only) due to disease or injury to the spinal cord and to people with limb amputation.



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