Disability rights

Alli Opsi

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

The Training Camp is a project designed for people with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) who use wheelchair. The goal is to train the participants to obtain higher level of autonomy through peer support. Trainers with disabilities train people with disabilities in everyday skills and try customized sports

Projeto Movimentarte

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

O projeto MOVIMENTARTE nasceu com o intuito de potencializar o desenvolvimento da pessoa com deficiência e criar, através da dança, uma ponte para a sociedade se integrar a esse universo. Realizamos diversas ações como rodas de dança em parques, aulas de dança, palestras e workshops.

Beyond Disability

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

How to prevent social exclusion of the intellectually disabled? Although most attend a variety of daytime help institutions, only a handful decide to undertake aided employment, for instance. What about social life? What do they do in the afternoon, after therapeutic classes end? What occupies them on the weekends? Are they doomed to lonely vegetation before a TV set or, if at all possible, in front of a computer screen?

Dual support for dual success

Salva Vita Foundation – a supported employment agency for disabled people and JOB Ltd. – an employment and personell counselling private company, both with 20 years of experience on their field join forces in order to help people with disabilities to find real jobs on the open labour market. They also support employers with tailored-to-the-needs services in finding and hiring adequate disabled workforce.

Jobshadow Day

The first Hungarian “Job Shadow Day” (JSD) creates a chance for disabled people and companies to get in contact. The idea is to afford disabled people the opportunity to gain an insight into the world of work by shadowing an employee for one day. The aim is to make employers more open to hire disabled people. The event will get massive media coverage in order to highlight the positive contribution disabled people can make at work.


Jarhato.hu is a civil way of ensuring accessibility of streets and buildings. Should the urgent need arise, we are there to provide a solution for passable streets.
We continuously test, qualify, inform the public with signs and paralelly develop suitable devices.
The system has widely been tested in Vác . Having drawn the conclusions, it can also be launched with a franchise system in other cities.