Disability rights

Alternative Forest School

Barathegy Forest School is an alternative and innovative initiative for both social mission and profit organizations. For social mission organization it is a tool to make inclusion reality for persons with intellectual disability and autism, and for the partner it is not simply donation but a project that has long term social impact and sustainability.

Log’ins, united logistics

Log'ins is the first social joint venture of France- the first company designed as a springboard to regular jobs for people with disabilities! Created by a non-profit -Ares- and a listed company -Norbert Dentressangle-, Log'ins offers adapted work conditions in logistics and professional and social monitoringto help disabled people to enter the ordinary work market : an innovative and replicable model for the 450,000 unemployed disabled persons.

The Beetroot Model

Cooperation for ecological production of old vegetable varieties with social farming companies in Brandenburg. Processed and sold by the brand Sarah Wiener. Developed and coordinated by Fairmade Plus e.V. Germany, supporting social inclusion on local and international level.

Autism at Work (AaW)

About 1% of the population is affected by autism spectrum disorders. SAP's aim is to raise the proportion of employees with ASD in its workforce. In support of its mission to help the world run better and improve people's lives, SAP employs people with ASD as sw testers, programmers and data quality specialists. SAP sees an advantage to leveraging the talents of people with ASD, while helping them to secure employment.

Kanchi Ireland - Making Ireland the most inclusive business community in the world

The business community has the greatest capacity to transform the deeply engrained habit of exclusion that exists towards people with disabilities.
Kanchi ensure businesses are incentivised, informed, skilled, and supported to be that formidable catalyst for change, in a way that makes business sense.
Using campaigns,tools,data,role-models,training & consultancy Kanchi and her business leaders are propelling the drive for business inclusion.

Invisible game

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

educational games and social events.
Preparation of puzzle games, arcade and board games for the blind and other problems . Universal , because of the possibility of applying to integracyji with sighted people.

discovering hands Spain

discovering hands® uses the extraordinary tactile capabilities of blind and visually impaired people to improve early breast cancer detection. Herefore, blind and visually impaired women are trained to become "Medical Tactile Examiners" (MTEs) in specialized vocational training centers. They are then deployed in gynecological practices or hospitals, carrying out breast exams according to a specifically developed palpation method on patients.

I don't see the problem

Our goal is instilling the idea of social openness to blind and visual impaired people among non disabled people. Project is addressed to the owners and employees of dining locals,pubs,etc.operating in Wrocław(Poland).We want to adapt locals so they'll fulfill needs of blind and visual impaired people. Also we'll start campaing on a large scale in media that'll highlight problems of access of blind people to cultural and recreational life of city