Human trafficking


GirlsTalk/GuysTalk youth participate in various workshops and activities that teach about social awareness, health consciousness, healthy relationships, and positive self-esteem. We teach students they have choices & help cultivate well-rounded youth who make positive contributions to the world.


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MOAS is a registered foundation (VO/0939) based in Malta. It is dedicated to preventing loss of life at sea by providing emergency rescue and medical assistance to migrants who find themselves in distress while crossing the Mediterranean Sea.



There are over lakhs of women in a world of misery , trafficked into red light areas yearly without means of an alternative livelihood and worse without even a hope of finding one. Patched is an environmentally conscious student run social enterprise striving to bring change.

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Innovator Insights: Slavery Seen and Solved

It’s an uncomfortable truth: people are still trapped in slavery, and not just in agriculture and manufacturing, the two sectors that may come to mind immediately. “Both the consumer and industry need to think beyond the tag,” said Arati Sureddi, Ashoka American Express Emerging Innovator and founder of LOTUS Alliance, an organization committed to cutting across sectors to fight human trafficking.

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Es una herramienta interactiva y ludica con la cual se permite que la persona acceda a la información sobre cómo prevenir la trata de personas y el mismo dirija su proceso de formación.
Es un Objeto Digital de Aprendizaje, basado en una historia y dentro de esta varias historias de vida.


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Un proyecto que permita a los niños en abandono social aprender a identificar factores de riesgo en una comunidad y a protegerse, al mismo tiempo que construyen una comunidad para ellos mismos.
Un proyecto que permita difundir su experiencia y enseñar a otros a cuidarse.

Social Farm


How we can help people, excluded from society, who inside them have so much energy to restart the economy. How can we get closer consumer and producer?
Social Farm is the fair-trade brand that can do it.

Human not for sale!

In co-creation with social businesses in Europe we develop an interactive technology programme called ‘Human not for sale’. We design a gamified Android learning app, aiming to educate parents & communities in Cambodia about the risks of human trafficking. In collaboration with the Cambodian end-users we develop the app, equip the parents & community reps with smart-phones & monitor the learning progress. Upon success - international rollout.

1st Reach Technology

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Now a days Vehicles(Public transport) and passengers are not so safe, because they are not getting any information about which passenger is entering into which vehicle. INFOSENDER will solve this problem, By sending and receiving information Before entering into any public transport.

for profit is created to find and locate the missing children, and bring them back home, riding on the advancement of IT and face recognition technology, to empower public to watch for suspicious victims. The data will be plotted onto a timelined-map to track child trafficking activities.



Zesa provides fabric & jewelry design training, business & life skills education, accredited certification and job placement for victims of human trafficking. The jewelry our girls make is sold in our boutique in Kolkata and to U.S. retailers and 100% profit is given back to them.

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Home for Abused Children

Operates 3 crèches and home care centres for children who are sexually exploited or whose parents have died of HIV. It also conducts HIV awareness and education programs, drop–in health clinics, and outreach and service to commercially and sexually exploited people.


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Prevention of human trafficking through girls education

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Indramayu, especialy Bongas village, is widely known as the supplier of sex workers for many big cities. Many young girls were brought by their own fathers to work in Jakarta's prostitution places. These young girls were only graduated from the Elementary School since there was no Junior High School

Emerging Spirit

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World-wide Voices of Justice Advocacy and Activism

ES will assemble video, photos, and audio from all over the world and create documentary motivational productions which document any social justice issue. We make these available on the internet free for use by anyone.

Games For Change

Games For Change is an innovative program dedicated to combining casual computer and mobile gaming with social awareness by addressing issues relating to women e.g Sexuality,Education,HIV and more

Help Homeless and At-Risk Youth With Covenant House Vancouver

Covenant House Vancouver exists for those youth for whom there is often no one else: young people aged 16-24 who have either willingly fled physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse or those who have been forced from their homes.

Caring staff and volunteers see over 1400 youth come through the doors of Covenant House each year, offering them hot food, a warm bed and most importantly, relationships based on mutual respect and love. Programs include a crisis shelter, a drop in space, street outreach and transitional housing support.


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Education Tablet everywhere

Our Education Tablet is a Wi-Fi and GPRS enabled tablet so any one can connect to internet. It contains the syllabus of CBSE,ICSE and State Boards from Std 1 to Std 12th.If a student is reading in Std 5th he has to go to the website of Education Tablet and click on the class 5th link so the syllabus will uploaded to their tablet.It will continue in the same manner for other class up to 12th class.

CUIDANDO DE CRIANÇAS E SEUS CUIDADORES EM ABRIGOS. Propôr qualidade de vida para crianças e adolescentes que estão em abrigos.

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O número de crianças/ adolescentes nos abrigos vem aumentando em São Paulo por variados motivos: desemprego das famílias mais pobres; violência social; dependência química dos pais ou da própria criança/ adolescente; entre outros.
Infelizmente, muitos dos profissionais que trabalham nos abrigos da cidade não tem formação, ou quando tem, é deficitária.


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LMI IS COMMITTED TO ENTREPRENEURIAL SKILL BUILDING AS PANACEA FOR NIGERIA AND INDEED, AFRICA’S DEVELOPMENT.To this end, we mobilize broad spectrum of this poor and vulnerable groups especially people in hard to reach communities to initiate, design and implement programmes (special poverty alleviation programmes) that results in sustainable improvement in their well-being as well as facilitates their reintegration into the mainstream society.

for profit is a revolutionary ‘web 3.0’ global networking site where people, whether representing themselves or their charity/business, can experience a true networking environment that benefits them while benefiting charity at the same time (and at no cost to them) - via a 10% donation of revenue from our highly unique advertising model. We aim to change the economy of how global non-profits are funded via our platform that provides the ultimate user experience for our citizens, our employees, our communities, and will get money into the hands of non-profits that need it most.