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Isara is an open sign language dictionary and learning application. It provides interactive, real-time, and attractive sign language learning through usage of Kinect as motion sensor. With Kinect, user can practice the gesture based on video by doing until the gesture is perfectly done.

Clubinho Salva Vidas

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Pequenas lições como usar o cinto de segurança, atravessar a rua na faixa de pedestre, não jogar lixo no chão e estar ao lado de um adulto para brincar na piscina podem ajudar a salvar milhares de vidas e transformar crianças em cidadãos mais conscientes e responsáveis.


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Companies, both small and large, require the best security for their electronic communications possible. Without it, costly information leaks are likely to happen, whether unintentional or intentional. Leaks like these cost businesses millions of dollars every year.

Empowering Women Everywhere

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"Discrimination of Women from Womb to Tomb is well known".
Empowering Women Everywhere, helps women to make necessary transitions over their life courses.
Protection of women and girls from exploitation
Protecting Rights to Education,Development, Protection, Participation, Safe Childhood.

Ortech- Human Resources

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Ortech works with hundreds of post elite-unit army individuals with qualities that surpass any regular employees abilities due to their prestigious positions army.
In addition to being part of the elite society in the army, our employee base is educated with various of bachelors and masters degrees

Face-to-face Tribal Reconciliation in Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

In all Africa -- and in our 35 years of successfully helping adversaries engage -- we have not experienced a more effective, well-motivated, visionary peacebuilder and beacon of tolerance and non-violence than Offuh James Offuh in Cote d'Ivoire. For us two nominators, our own interest is as mentors of Offuh and as part of a 22-year-old Palestinian-Jewish Living Room Dialogue preparing for our 267th meeting here on the San Francisco Peninsula.


Ivory Coast
5° 18' 29.0664" N, 4° 1' 17.742" W