Vulnerable populations

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Tiyatien Health is a Changemaker


Tiyatien Health, a winner in the Rethinking Mental Health competition, is treating the effects of decades of brutal war in Liberia by training non-doctor health workers and clinicians to work directly with citizens of one of the poorest countries on Earth. The founders are survivors of Liberia's civil war and people living with HIV/AIDS.

Tiyatien Health trained the first non-physicians to administer anti-retroviral therapy in Liberia,and provided the first-ever HIV/AIDS treatments in southeastern Liberia, the poorest corner of the country. Now it is expanding beyond providing public HIV/AIDS treatment to rural communities by working to reverse decades of untreated depression and epilepsy.


GirlsTalk/GuysTalk youth participate in various workshops and activities that teach about social awareness, health consciousness, healthy relationships, and positive self-esteem. We teach students they have choices & help cultivate well-rounded youth who make positive contributions to the world.

The ReConnect Movement

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

The ReConnect Movement works to bridge the gap between at-risk and high-achieving youth by providing an open, safe platform for vulnerable youth to share their stories. We then form a plan of action to create community programming that will address barriers to inclusion for this population.

Tribe of Lambs


We are creating compassionate consumers by providing the opportunity for conscious shoppers to empower small business owners and at risk children in developing economies. We offer an evolutionary social business model, unique fashion accessories, and an inspiring vision of change.

HOME, Incorporated

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

HOME, Incorporated, whose name is an acronym for Help Our Mission Evolve, is a startup non-profit in the initial stages of development. With our housing first-driven model, we seek to provide housing to homeless individuals and families with a no-strings-attached approach.

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Bidean Founded by Erika Renedo and Pras Gunasekera

Co-design within a group who have experienced mental illness.<br>The workshops were facilitated by an enthusiastic, curious, focussed and friendly team. They helped us to draw from our life experience including problems and setbacks, and we looked at what we want from life. Then we simplified our thoughts by grouping them and sense making. From this I had seen a deeper understanding of collaboration and felt this inspired our creativity and learning.


United Kingdom

Monedero Ecológico

for profit

Promovemos la cultura del reciclaje de todo tipo de residuos que se generan a diario por medio de incentivos, para evitar el agotamiento de los recursos naturales no renovables, logrando impactos sociales, ambientales y económicos. Y contribuimos con soluciones para las comunidades más vulnerables.

entro de Educación Integrada de Adultos (“CEIA”) Quimahue

El Centro de Educación Integrada de Adultos (“CEIA”) Quimahue se ubica en Cañete y opera hace más de 18 años en la octava región de Chile. Actualmente atiende a 255 alumnos que se caracterizan por su alta vulnerabilidad. Un 14% de ellos son infractores de ley, 22% son alumnos que presentan algún tipo de discapacidad y un 41% son de origen mapuche.Quimahue nace en el año 1998 y en el año 2001 incorpora el Centro de Educación Integrada de Adultos, reconocido por el Ministerio de Educación.


37° 47' 20.4432" S, 73° 25' 21.2412" W


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Improving the life of the homeless through quality design, sustainable architecture and cutting-edge technology. bB teams up with on-ground NGOs working with homeless communities and provides professional design expertise to build adequately designed shelters and a motivating living environment.

VOTO Mobile


VOTO removes barriers to insightful communication and feedback loops between the world's poorest people and the organizations who serve them. We specialize in mobile engagement, specifically voice-based, providing equal access and instantly reaching across distance, language, and literacy barriers.

Drums in the Dark


Drums in the Dark seeks to change the existing paradigms & mental models around blind people. We aim at generating connections through respect, admiration & positive emotions.
This will be done by live music performances, corporate workshops & classes at elementary schools led by blind people.

Athena Fund

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Today, many special education teachers in Israel are excluded from the computer revolution and unable to fully meet their students' diverse needs. Athena Fund aims to provide these teachers with iPads and technological training to empower them so that they may teach their students more effectively.

Soweto care of the aged

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

The Soweto Home for the aged is broke!! There are 122 elderly people that will not be able to be fed, have any health and medical attention and therefore will not be able to live with dignity. The home also provides jobs for 42 staff members that will not be able to provide for their families.



Bidean empowers people with mental distress to create design ideas to address adversities relating to mental health. Having experienced distress themselves, participants are uniquely prepared to identify their problems and ideate truly relevant design based solutions (things, places and services).


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Tendo em vista todo o contexto das novas tecnologias sociais e das violações de direitos humanos que acompanham as mesmas, o TecnoDih vem com um viés específico de trabalhar transversalmente a educação em direitos humanos voltado para jovens e adultos no ambiente escolar e comunitário.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Youths4Change is a community based organization which mentors and empowers youths of all abilities across Cameroon. Our flagship project ENVISION, creates inclusive environments, teaches youths with disabilities entrepreneurial skills and builds the self-esteem of youths living with disabilities.


for profit

Duhem is the first Peruvian and Latin American community commerce for social consumers and cause- oriented brands. In Duhem you can find thousands of products and services from different brands, all curated, whose common factor is the social or environmental contribution to the world.

Learning from home

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

The program supports parents of children aged 3 to 5 in social vulnerability to prepare their children at home for a successful school integration and socio cognitive development through games. Provides skills and confidence to be the primary educators of their children.

La petite Cantine

for profit

La Petite Cantine

It's to our advantage to make the world a better place

Taste is knowing the true quality ! Summertime is all about dining al fresco & under the stars !

Brush aside stereotypes to move forward & help us create & develop an outdoor restaurant run by people with special needs.

Team to Win

TEAM TO WIN is dedicated to providing economically challenged, at risk, high school students access to a FREE Medical Mentoring Program. Includes hands-on sports medicine education, CPR & First Aid certification. We partner H.S. students with medical professionals who teach the program.

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WATCH: Webinar on Collaborating to Solve Youth Employment

Sub-Saharan Africa faces a paradox that has global relevance and implications: it will be home to the largest youth population in the world by 2050 and although literacy rates (by 6%) and education enrollment rates (by 9%) have been on the rise, youth unemployment continues to hover above 60% across the region. How will African youth create or secure sustainable and meaningful livelihoods? And more specifically, who is responsible for youth employment in Africa? 

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Heal My Heart


The use of social media is the fastest way to disseminate information. Integrating healthcare with social media and Artificial Intelligence mobile application is the key to providing awareness, education, healthy habits and preventative care in any population.

Projeto Qualificando

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

A Globalização nos dias atuais tem exigido cada vez mais preparo para que as pessoas enfrentem os novos desafios em relação ao mercado de trabalho. Quando se pensou na criação deste projeto, pensou-se nas pessoas carentes da região e a falta de recursos destas pessoas em poder se qualificar.

Soccer de Rue Montréal

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Soccer de Rue Montréal est un organisme qui vise l'amélioration de la condition physique, psychologique et les habiletés sociales des jeunes personnes sans-abri et en situation de précarité, par la pratique d’un sport d’équipe, le soccer de rue, pour favoriser leur insertion sociale.



DESDE empowers marginalized Latin American artisans to use their skilled craftsmanship to develop quality, timeless, and unique products. DESDE invests in artisans’ economic mobility providing market access and building an online platform for conscious consumers to connect with artisans.



KadAfrica builds resilient farming communities centered around the empowerment of young women. 1500 out of school girls in Western Uganda have gained sustainable livelhood options cultivating passion fruit; inspiring and anchoring fruit farming cooperatives for more than 1000 smallholder farmers.

Africa Alliance on Cancer

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

African Alliance on Cancer wants to eradicate cancer and take care of the diagnosed in Africa through education campaigns and provision of mentoring and clinic services to Cancer diagnosed. We awaken governments, people, researchers and policy makers to take actions towards Cancer as big killer.