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Project Public Art


Project Public Art is a social enterprise arts organization seeking to facilitate equitable access to and participation in the arts. A place where artists and non-artists alike, can go to freely do art or music at their own pace in a fully-equipped space. This will aid the democratization of art.

Bart hughes's New Entry

The World is ready to be streamed LIVE with a number of apps and Facebook's new Live feature. Using a First person view, audiences will be able to engage with the user in a way that redefines Social Media. Never before seen viewpoints and audience feedback will revolutionize the way we communicate.

Denisse Kuri

for profit

Denisse Kuri comes with the mission of preserving the tradition of indigenous textiles, the valuation of women, and their emotional and economic independence, integrating neglected communities, making the importance of their work and their costumes for our culture is known.