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Slight Blue


We aim to implement After-school Program Frameworks to the mainstream Education System, to provide employment for local communities and enable affordable uniform; Learning, Nutrition and Health insurance access opportunities for at-risk student youth enrolled in Public High Schools in Swaziland.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

<p>We work in public and private schools where we empower children and youth to find themselves through reading, live many lives through the leaves of a book. We work in shelters for children in the streets, where we gave them tools to be the change makers of their own lives.</p>



Bardaskan is a marginalized town in west of Korasan razavi state (Iran) and what I'm trying to do to make change in my community is to start up a rural tourism ( actually agro-tourism and eco tourism in my hometown . This idea will helps us in different ways like providing jobs,market...


for profit

Gnemema est une marque de vêtements et d'accessoires africains tradi-moderne.Nous faisons la promotion de nos tissus locaux avec une touche moderne.Ce qui signifie que nous sommes en collaboration avec les femmes des villages pour la teinture et le tissage des pagnes.

Ink Movement

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Ink Movement is a youth-led nonprofit that empowers youth through the arts. We have published two print books featuring the work of talented young artists. To date, Ink Movement has raised over $20,000 and helped over 600 youth in Canada through our book projects, workshops, and conferences.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

SparkGig is an online community marketplace to bridge the gap between live entertainers and event organizers. Empower performers to pursue their passion and transform the entertainment scene into a vessel for better social change.