Citizen participation

Riverside School

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Riverside School creates nurturing learning environments where children explore, innovate, and learn to be changemakers. By building strong relationships with the community, they become active citizens, instilled with social responsibility, interest in civic life, and understanding of activism.

96 Nisaa FM

for profit

Maysoun Odeh Gangat started the first commercial Arabic-language women’s radio station and website in the Levant region, called 96 NISAA FM. She is empowering women through the media. Maysoun provides a platform for all actors to discuss women’s issues and creatively engages both men and women.

Support for Women’s Work

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Sengül Akcar has designed a community-based foundation that educates and empowers poor women and families. She does this by enabling women to break from their traditional, limiting roles and to gain financial independence and self-respect by learning nontraditional skills, such as carpentry.



The Voosilla project designs, produces and delivers, under Free Libre Open Source licence, low-tech Human and Biosphere Friendly hardware solutions easy to manufacture, assembly, install, plug-and-play, repair, maintain, modify and copy, beginning with small wind turbines.

Proyecto Plato Lleno

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

"Proyeto Plato Lleno" is a voluntary initiative to rescue the food (elaborate meal) that does not become consumed at events and usually end up in the trash.
We "rescue" uneaten food and distribute them at Institutions that are able to receive them.

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Jonathan Laski, Zerofootprint's Director of Client Services, whose leadership is helping to launch & grow GOODcoins - Canada's first social currency which rewards evidence-based healthy behaviour.

Zerofootprint has a rich history of educating and informing Canadians about living healthy and sustainable lives. In 2014, we created GOODcoins, an engagement & rewards program where evidence-based walking, running & cycling earn a member GOODcoins rewards. Once earned, GOODcoins can only be used for green & socially-responsible products.Jonathan has been instrumental in leading our program & client development through its beta phase and into its full release.


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Discourse Media


Discourse Media is dedicated to innovating new, collaborative models for producing journalism in the public interest. As journalists, we aim to contribute to positive change with multimedia storytelling that is forward-looking yet critical.