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Free Tax Software: An Affordable Do-It-Yourself Solution


While most of us dread filing our taxes, there's something to cheer about this year: cash-strapped taxpayers now have an easier path to their refunds. Free tax preparation software, based on an H&R Block professional product, is being given away by more than 90 United Way affiliates nationwide to anyone earning $56,000 or less annually.

Discourse Media


Discourse Media is dedicated to innovating new, collaborative models for producing journalism in the public interest. As journalists, we aim to contribute to positive change with multimedia storytelling that is forward-looking yet critical.


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L’agence E-voir, spécialisée dans l’Internet Marketing et les solutions médias, veut réduire la fracture numérique. Notre crédo reste l'appropriation des opportunités qu'offre Internet dans la vulgarisation des initiatives locales.

How Can Social Innovators Design Their Venture for the Highest Level of Impact?

"Go beyond making the problem go away for some people; instead, build a solution through which the problem becomes irrelevant" has been the guiding adage for how Ashoka selects Fellows. We have always focused on finding people who we call “systems-changing social entrepreneurs.” Bill Drayton’s most famous quote still rings true in this way: We know it’s time to move beyond the “teach a man to fish” model, and find those who will “reinvent the entire fishing industry.”

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Feedback Labs Releases Feedback Quiz and Toolkit

(Washington, D.C.) - On March 10, Feedback Labs, a consortium of leading domestic and international organizations in the for-good sector, released the first version of its flagship product, the Feedback Toolkit.  The Toolkit helps organizations improve the way they listen to their constituents to be more responsive to the people they are trying to serve - and ultimately to improve outcomes.

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Colabora 2015

for profit

Programa de 6 meses de inserción laboral dirigido a 15 personas en búsqueda activa de empleo con espíritu dinámico y colaborativo.
El fin es facilitar la inserción a través de la participación activa y del desarrollo de trabajo cooperativo de los/as participantes.

Enactus Senegal

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Latif Mbengue is shifting education in Senegal from theoretical to practical, hands-on learning. Bringing key players together, Latif is preparing students to succeed in the workforce, helping them to accelerate their professional and entrepreneurial careers and in turn creating hubs of innovation.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

{Afrimath} is an organisation which aims to detect and nurture mathematical talent in African students in schools and universities (K-16). We work with our partners to develop exciting extra-curricular opportunities to prepare youth for international competitions and world-class research.

Gentils Virus

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

We think that most of the problems our society faces are the result of the political impotence of citizens, and would be resolved long ago if the people could really do something about it. But we can only elect masters who will decide everything for us. We need more direct democracy.

Youth Stamp, Inc.

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Using project design thinking techniques and simulation activities, Youth Stamp, Inc., will bring the passion of public-serving organizations to our under-served youth capable of achieving true social impact and academic success. We strive to educate our next generation of community innovator.

Reclaiming our Streets

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

'Reclaiming our street' is a unique endeavour to recognise pedestrian rights and enforce pedestrianisation in India. Pedestrians are neglected in India and the resultant outcome is pedestrian deaths. The project stipulates a pedestrian audit in Kochi to highlight issues and push for policy change.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

1: ROAD-SIDE PARKING: All Vehicles Parking in the ROAD-SIDE PARKING &the PARKING-AREA must be on “BLACK & WHITE” blocks PAINTED on KERBSTONES is LEGAL including "RESIDENTIAL-AREAS” where Kerbstones laid” in BANGALORE Roads.

2: No PARKING: PARKING all Vehicles against "BLACK & YELLOW" is ILLEGAL.



Our platform will use mobile and internet technology to address lack of accountability in local governance in India. Our platform aims to highlight departmental faults, trends of public dissatisfaction and facilitate real-time resolutions to local-governance issue.

Beyond Disability

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

How to prevent social exclusion of the intellectually disabled? Although most attend a variety of daytime help institutions, only a handful decide to undertake aided employment, for instance. What about social life? What do they do in the afternoon, after therapeutic classes end? What occupies them on the weekends? Are they doomed to lonely vegetation before a TV set or, if at all possible, in front of a computer screen?

NewB, towards a coop-bank

114+ organisations/businesses and more than 46000 citizens are building a new cooperative bank in Belgium. NewB is value driven (transparent , sober, simple, participative, inclusive, innovative, fair, local sustainable economy), professional (partnership between bankers and civil society) and responds to a real demand for new financial tools, products and services, for investments and savings. It is to be an example for mainstream banks.

Leveraging the potential of millions of business professionals for social good

Non-profit organisations are trying to solve some of the most urgent societal problems. They are often held back by limited access to professional resources they need to fulfill their goals. Proboneo connects these NPOs with the same high-quality and professional resources as for-profit corporations, on a pro bono basis, to achieve a broader impact. Proboneo is partnering with LinkedIn to unlock the potential of its talent network.

Kompis Sverige

Kompis Sverige provides a physical meeting space where established Swedes and newly arrived immigrants get the opportunity to meet and interact on an equal basis. We provide an individual peering process based on the results of in-depth interviews, and follow up calls.

Our Children's Future

Creation of a school feeding program, the income from which will go towards a teacher supervision initiative which monitors if teachers are coming to class everyday. Teachers are on weekly rotation to supervise their colleagues, and will receive a cash stipend if attendance is >80%.

CSO Trust Fund

for profit

Alternativas y Capacidades diagnosis on filantropy in Mexico found out that just 12% of civil society organisations evaluate their social projects in Mexico. Free information on what works must be available in order to improve impact and reduce poverty.There is no project evaluation culture assessment within Civil Society in Mexico given the lack of economical resources within institutions.We will create a trust fund in order to offer small loans to Civil Society Organisation to assess their projects and publish the outcomes for free.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

giv2giv seeks to revolutionize personal philanthropy by empowering all individuals to build leave a lasting impact through innovative individual endowments that build wealth for causes. Furthermore, these endowments allow charities to spend less time fundraising and more time on their mission.

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

The goal of is to help connect professional and amateur artists to the international art world in a simpler, smarter, and more intuitive way. To work towards a world that nurtures young artists and helps them reach their potential and facilitate global collaborations between artists.