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Democracy Connect

Democracy Connect offers the idea of a neutral election worker who, in a collective, can provide superior election related services in a cost effective manner, while obviating the risk of underselling his/her vote for a few dollars under the pressure of poverty. During elections voters could negotiate for a share in election-related businesses instead of just a few freebies. This election workers’ collective would reduce cost of elections, reduce entry barriers for under-resourced candidates, and ensure increased public scrutiny of the electoral funds spent by candidates.


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Democracy Pays Off – Voter education program and online platform for voter participation that help people employed

for profit

Let’ believes that a democratic society thrives when politicians and elective representatives are accountable to its citizens. Active participation in the political decision making process of voters is crucial in making the elected accountable and responsive to people’s needs. However, political apathy is not uncommon in many countries, and South Korea is no exception. Voting rates have been alarmingly low in the recent elections and strong political apathy is widespread among young voters in Korea. Bipolarized political scene has enforced this political apathy.

Jaunapur Slum Rehabilitation Project - An Urban Habitat towards Holistic Sustainability

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

This proposal addresses the key issue of slum rehabilitation and affordable housing for the urban poor. The project accounts for economics, employment-generation, environment as well as self-government. It suggests an alternative to the soulless EWS apartments being propagated, by involving the people to be rehabilitated and allowing them an input, using local materials and indigenous skills, while maintaining the required living standards by propagating urban-control.

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Town Crier TV

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Do you have an issue video on that needs more exposure? Or, know of one that more people should see? is a free resource, in the online TV network, that functions as a "video echo chamber" to help get the word out. Send us your links. Content is curated, but if its a compelling issue, in a compelling presentation... we will be compelled to air it.

Derechos de Propiedad a través de la Organización

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Está ayudando a las familias tribales a retener sus títulos y recuperar la tierra de la que habían sido violentamente despojados a través de la organización para conseguir y conservar sus derechos a la tierra. Lo hacen por medio de una combinación estratégica de: 1) manifestaciones no violentas 2) acción legal 3) instituciones de presión (lobby) al Estado, y 4) el establecimiento de cooperativas.

Direitos Territoriais através da organização

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

O ato de organizar ajuda famílias tribais a reconquistarem o título de suas terras de onde eles foram violentamente expropriados, além de proteger e conservar seus direitos à terra através de uma combinação estratégica de 1) manifestações pacíficas 2) ação legal 3) atuação de instituições de Advocacy pública, e 4) cooperação. Esta combinação de organização do trabalho sindical e as cooperativas agrícolas garante que comunidades de baixa renda possam garantir seu direito legal à terra e prosperar economicamente.

Peoples’ Initiative for Protecting Property

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

This initiative will cover entire India and will capitalize on peoples’ will to emancipate from the arbitrary yoke of the government in the declaration of land entitlements. This initiative will enable people to freely exercise their property rights in their interest. Our website is documenting land and property related news and analysis, particularly

An online marketplace for promoting property rights.

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Create an online system for organizations to define projects, solicit donations, and engage competitive service providers, for achieving goals related to property rights. It will be like a combination of eBay and, except specifically for projects related to property rights--a marketplace for bringing together property rights organizations with donors, investors, and service providers.

Citizen Centre Enterprises- Deepening Democracy through information Technology

. A Citizens’ Centre is typically an IT kiosk equipped with computers, internet access, public phone, library and IT training material. Uniquely, CCEs serve a dual role: First, they are active IT-based revenue-generating enterprises for the women who run them. Second, they are the hubs for grassroots-level democracy, from where villagers are encouraged to file petitions, seek information on government schemes etc.



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Accessing Rights and Resources for Poor and Disadvantaged Communities

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Rights of local users especially poor, women and disadvantaged groups in natural resources like forest, water, waste land, community pond, etc. need to be guaranteed and users need to be informed and empowered to utilize them. Government and non-government services and facilities need to become accessible if they are to be used by poor. Users need to be organized to participate in decision making.