Cultural preservation

WUW (walk your way)

for profit

WUW is a project to create shoes that makes happy the one who wear them and the one who makes them ! They will bring back awareness to artisans in India and to their hard work and intelligence. WUW shoes will be a product with a story to preserve and spread to others.

Catama Borneo

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Catama Borneo work with indigenous communities to develop contemporary craft designs using traditional craft practices. We aim for preservation through innovation, empowering communities with pride in their indigenous knowledge and ultimately improving quality of lives.

.kuchentratsch UG

for profit

Kuchentratsch, that’s cakes made by grandma/pa. We offer the facilities and fair wages. 30 seniors bring time, effort and passion for baking. This makes for activities, talking and income for retirees, ensuring stability in their lives. Kuchentratsch sells the cakes to finance the social business.

The Fabric Social

for profit

The Fabric Social is a conscious clothing label with one important difference. We work exclusively with women affected by armed conflict, putting an end to their economic isolation. By zeroing in on war torn areas, we are targeting one of the primary causes of armed conflict: poverty.



Ce projet consiste à construire un site de création solidaire selon la technique du SuperAdobe et travailler avec du matériel et des matières recyclés.
Grâce à cette technique, le site pourra comporter un pôle d'hébergement et d'insertion allié à plusieurs ateliers de production artisanale.

Craft Talk Agency


Talented artisans shouldn’t be in shadows but in limelight. We’re an Artisan Agency which forges relationships of trust with traditional artisans (mostly women from the global south). We share knowledge, best practices, and connections to collaboratively develop their business and make them stars!


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Tzun'gantzö es un colectivo de mujeres artesanas del municipio de Tolimán y diseñadores, artistas y gente en general interesados en diseño textil con el fin de conjuntar técnicas de dos disciplinas y así generar piezas en donde se enlacen diferentes procesos de producción y diseño y así reubicar el


for profit

Asia's largest marketplace for ethical fashion brands. Our 35+ partners receive marketing support & access to a fragmented eco-consumer base. Consumers have a single avenue to purchase ethically. We take a holistic approach to sustainability by supporting multiple socio-environmental problems.