Cultural preservation

Made In GOEL®

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

CANGIARI® garments are made of hand-loom fabrics, reproposing the heritage of Calabrian hand woven in fashion using organic yarns and fabrics. The production provides jobs for women and young people, in a region with the highest unemployment in Italy and the serious problem of 'ndrangheta (mafia).

Por una alimentación más sostenible y saludable. Cultura de valores en alimentos tradicionales previene la escasez alimentaria

Aumentar demanda de comida tradicional por medio de innovador sistema educativo valorando contenido cultural y nutricional en dieta popular de Guatemala, basado en símbolos mayas descubiertos en alimentos tradicionales. Resolverá salud y economía impactando cultura y subsistencia de comunidades rurales, porque hay campesinos en miseria muriendo por hambruna mientras en las ciudades se muere por las complicaciones de la obesidad.



14° 36' 17.7984" N, 90° 32' 53.3652" W

Nanook Enterprises Ltd.

for profit

Nanook is Nurturing All Nuances Of One's Kreativity; we are a hub for creative enterprise and cultural appreciation; focused on harnessing the social and economic potential of Jamaica's creative and cultural industries. We work with film, animation, music and other creative artistes and groups.

Human Rights and Leadership Based on Culture Values advance Countryside Areas to 2020 Vision

INTRODUCTIONOur task is to foster a network of village leaders who aim to develop accessible solutions to human right challenges, advance it and access to justice through ethical engagement. Village and local leaders had not the chance to attend the school that they use traditional leadership in their everyday journey however the country is moving faster towards development that all systems in leadership could be interchanged to modern assets.



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