Cultural preservation

Catama Borneo

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Catama Borneo works with indigenous communities to develop contemporary accessories and interior design products using traditional craft practices.
We aim for preservation through innovation, empowering communities with pride in their indigenous knowledge and ultimately improving quality of lives.

United We Speak

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

A virtual platform for young Pakistani and Indian school children to build friendships while teaching each other the scripts of their mutually intelligible national languages Urdu and Hindi through content creation.

Projeto Web Indígena

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

O Projeto Web Indígena foi criado para contribuir ao fortalecimento de línguas indígenas brasileiras. Atua favorecendo e estimulando sua produção escrita e seu registro audio-visual. E pela inclusão no mundo digital, alimenta uma imagem positiva da língua para as gerações indígenas mais jovens.

Cultura e Cidadania


O objetivo desse projeto é mostrar que é possível unir o aprendizado sobre uma cultura e o desenvolvimento da cidadania por meio de atividades educacionais executadas com a ajuda de Ipads e seus respectivos aplicativos.

Leti Arts


Creating series of mobile games & comics that present stories of historic African heroes brought into the 21st century reality with compelling graphics. We're merging the past with the present to encourage younger generations to be genuinely excited to learn and engage with African history & culture



Meshico is a project that gives indigenous women the opportunity to empower themselves by producing beautiful handmade bags for coffee packing.We give them access to small factories with the necessary tools and materials to work or they can also work at home and deliver the finished product.

Brduch Kingdom

for profit

Creating home-made food by women over 50, with organic grown products of small farmers, wrapped in traditional way we ensure that our clients get the best possible food, both health and taste wise, while improving the livelihood of vulnerable societal groups and contributing to the cultural values.

Faça um Sorriso

These project have the objetive to bring smiles to every single person that need it. Thought working with reciclable materials we (a group of teenagers) create objects that we destine to hospitals, asylums and schools.



DESDE empowers marginalized Latin American artisans to use their skilled craftsmanship to develop quality, timeless, and unique products. DESDE invests in artisans’ economic mobility providing market access and building an online platform for conscious consumers to connect with artisans.


for profit

Travesía is an initiative focused on rural community empowerment, which uses processes of Inspiration, Art Education and Networking Innovation to build upon the recognition and capitalization of cultural and environmental assets as a way to create sustainable local development models.