Zenikas group

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Our project engage young people (both drop out and those in school) in a skilled work apprenticeship of their choice, like Shoe making, etc, afterward help them to establish by forming partnership with others at initial stage of their work, where they can raise enough capital to increase output.

for profit is Intelligence, is a rule-busting Innovation, has a “New Game Strategy” business model whose aim is to bring together under the same “roof” the cooperatives and the consumers in order to bring an end to the sky high prices and help those in need.

Student Press Law Center

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Because just about every young person holds the immense power and responsibility of publishing in the palm of a hand, every young person needs "digital drivers' ed." The BRAVE Project is an empowering, non-punitive response to online cruelty harnessing the skills, ethics and values of journalism.

Healthy Soul

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Eating form a reliable source is now a ambiguous fact in Bangladesh. Mobile court has been sorting food chains regarding the issue. In this situation, food supply from a reliable source where food quality, cleanness, affordability are the main concerns will ensure the Healthiness of the Citizens.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Creating Compassionate Cultures offers educational programs for youth, families, educators, and psychologists based on proven curriculum, which awakens wisdom, ethics, and compassion for others, empowering them to make a positive difference in their relationships with their families and communities.

Arigatou International

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Based on the widely recognized Arigatou International Learning to Live Together manual, Kokoro is a unique and interactive virtual global community that promotes intercultural and interfaith learning and collaboration among children and youth to tackle issues that affect their societies.